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My week in Wellington
NIKON D70 - 1/2000 sec, f 3.8 at 25 mm, ISO

My week in Wellington

Normally our family trips away are bloody great, so I've been looking forward to our week in Wellington for Blue's 80th for ages. But it all turned to custard really and was hardly a great success.

To start with it rained really hard in Taupo and I spent most of the night obsessing about the car being out in the rain. The kids got in a good swim though at the Thermal Pools so all not lost. The guy in the Kebab shop was bloody friendly, though his kebabs sucked.

It was bloody cold in Wellington and windy and rainy. Our accomodation was worth exactly what we paid for it too. I only got out once to chase some photo's, and ultimately I decided it was too cold to get out of the car. In the end I only managed 4 photo's. Above is the least crappy of them, so imagine how crap the others were. Thats Antartica in the distance by the way. Either that or the southerly felt like the south pole was just over the horizon.

We had a good trip home with virtually no traffic on the road. The most eventful part was having a copper heading towards us put on his flashy lights. So we pulled over while he turned around. He wandered up to me and gave me a speeding ticket for $120. The most incredible thing was, I was only 200 metres up the road from where I got the speeding ticket last year! We drove 1250 kms and managed to get a ticket at almost exactly the same spot on State Highway 1. If you have Google Earth, I've updated the map here just so that you can see how spooky it is. Just pan out a bit to see how much of NZ there is and I manage 2 tickets on the same bit of road 18 months apart.

Today Gabba told me that she couldn't/wouldn't go back to Wellington to live. Probably because it's still winter down there. I was thinking how bloody great Wellington and the Hutt Valley is while I was down there. It's small, so to get anywhere and everywhere is quick and easy. The city councils down there have a clue. Auckland and the Shore are God-forsaken holes run by moronic retarded impotent megalomaniac's that don't have the first clue about city planning by comparison. There is a nice amount of humanity down there. They are no better than the people in Auckland. There is just less of them. I would be quite happy if all but 200 of the people in Auckland were to all die of Bird Flu. Although I guess that would leave a big mess for the 204 of us remaining to clean up.

Gabba, I did that job you asked me to do so you owe me, remember!

UPDATE: A guy just called us on the phone. When I answered, he asked to speak with my mother. He said "Is your mother home"? I told him that my mother doesn't live with us because I don't need her help anymore but he's quite welcome to call her in Australia if he wants. Ma, expect a call from some guy that wants to know about the school calendar's!

Captured: 2005:10:22 14:02:45
Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2005, 5:57 pm


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