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Hard Yakka in the Heat
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Hard Yakka in the Heat

Finally, I make a start on getting some photo's published.

I mowed the lawns today. It's the first time I've mowed lawns in a little over 6 months. Part way through I started to think that I'd saved $45 for doing it myself, and was pleased with myself. But then I realized it was only $45. I dunno how the hell the guys at Jims Mowing make a living at mowing lawns. I actually like mowing lawns. It gives me a chance to incubate ideas. roll them around in my head while I do somethign otherwise meaningless. It would be meaningful of course if I had nice lawns. But the grass here is seriously poo. I feel less of a man because they are so bad.

I see it's snowing again in Madison right now. I actually wish I was there. It was nice watching the snow fall. Even nicer to listen to it. If you were real quiet, you could hear it swiching through the air.

I couldn't be bothered moving the boots to a better spot to get the photo. I was too hot!

Posted: Tuesday, February 8, 2005, 8:43 pm


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