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Live and Die
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Live and Die

Gabba found this good sized Weta on the wall at home. Cara reckened it looked cute, Gabba reckons she really likes them. I just think they are fugly, and anything that fugly shouldn't be allowed to live.

30 minutes later I walked outside and saw a bird fly down and pluck the little bugger off the wall. The bird smashed the Weta on the ground a couple of times (Yay for the bird!) and then crunched it up and swallowed it. weta's a re ugly, but they sound much, much worse when they are being crunched up while they are eaten.

I told Gabba when she got home the Weta had meet a deserved demise. She asked me why the hell I didn't stop the bird. I asked her how you stop a bird from eating a Weta. There is of course no answer to that.

It was sodding difficult to get a good photo of a weta close up. I can see I need a macro lens now. I wonder how much they cost?

Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2005, 4:39 pm


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