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15 seconds of post-processing
- , at , ISO

15 seconds of post-processing

This image probably requires some explanation.

@Surfarama sent me a link to Pixlr this arvo. I was completely gobsmacked with how fast it loaded and how simple it made post-processing images. In the time that potatoshop normally takes to open I'd already made half a dozen of the normal changes I make to an image. And then in the time it normally takes do something more complicated I'd already added a vignette and even a wasteful, done to death Tiltshift thing on an image that shouldn't have one added.

Not that I'll be replacing potatoshop anytime soon because those skills have been hard earned and I'm not going to throw them away from some 2 bit free, but cool, web app.

The Photo
About 2 years ago I took some photos for an old duck that had just crashed her car into the supermarket trolley return thing that was all bent out of shape. She'd smashed up the front of her old person's car and was crying and needed the photos for her insurance. I was standing there with my camera, so obliged.

Today I needed a photo to play with Pixlr, and I found this one laying about with nothing better to do.

Posted: Monday, February 9, 2009, 12:51 pm


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