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A guy walked into the cubicle next to me
NIKON D70 - 1/45 sec, f 4 at 29 mm, ISO 400

A guy walked into the cubicle next to me

We've talked about urinal etiquette here before, but I've never really been sure of what the rules are around cubicle etiquette.

I was in the men's toilet at the BP gas station near the end of the Southern Motorway recently... Wait, instead of me retelling the story, here is an Instant Message copy and paste from when I regaled What the Deuce.

(2:11:07 p.m.) Dave: I walked into one cubicle and there was no toilet paper in there, so I backed out and moved to the one next door
(2:11:22 p.m.) Dave: While I was sitting there contemplating, a guy walked into the cubicle next to me, the one with no paper and sat down
(2:11:33 p.m.) Dan: ahah
(2:11:34 p.m.) Dave: Next was a huge farting and then a huge splattering sound
(2:11:43 p.m.) Dan: that's fucking great
(2:11:54 p.m.) Dave: I thought to myself man, you are so going to regret that in about 4 minutes!!

The TP in my cubicle was in one of those huge round container things screwed to the wall, so it's not as though I could discreetly pass a roll under the wall to him. I also couldn't decide if I should just wind off a couple of turns of toilet tissue and hand that to him either. I doubt a couple of turns would do the job anyway, anyway that just didn't seem right.

So, instead I did the only thing I could think of, I got out of there as fast as possible.

The Photo
In the middle of the building I now work in there is a coffee shop downstairs. I can look down 3 floors at the top of people drinking their morning coffee. The only issue is me and heights aren't really best friends. I couldn't bring myself to lean out more to get the photo I had in my mind.

Captured: 2009:05:12 14:00:43
Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 10:02 pm
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