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New Zealand or Chinese Garlic, I ask you?
NIKON D70 - 1/20 sec, f 8 at 70 mm, ISO 200

New Zealand or Chinese Garlic, I ask you?

Gabba sent me down to the supermarket to buy garlic and black peppercorns. We were having Gabba's World Famous Chicken, and the pepper is actually the most important ingredient. Which kinda makes the main reason for this post somewhat less important given garlic is the main reason for this post.

Anyways, I checked in at Sunnynook Countdown on Foursquare, after creating Sunnynook Foursquare because it didn't exist and then avoiding the inevitable charity hawkers at the front door, wandering into the vegge section, looking for the garlic.

Finding said garlic I stood there with my, now completely normal, indecision on what to fricken do next. there was New Zealand grown garlic and Chinese Grown garlic. The NZ Garlic was $19.62 a kg and the Chinese garlic was $6.72 a kg. The NZ garlic was wizened and odd shaped and small and odd colors and looked as dry as an old woman's neck. The Chinese garlic was while and plump and fat and delectable looking. not only that it was prepackaged in nice little bags so easily picked up and held while I hunted the black peppercorns.

On one hand I could buy NZ made and be generally unhappy with my purchase or buy from the evil Chinese bastards (that admitedily could really do with the sale, for all I know, although it's just as likely fucking Progressive Enterprises were making way more money that the Chinese peasant farmer) and have nice plump garlic on our world famous chicken.

In the end I chose the Chinese garlic because, after all it's just bloody garlic and it was easier and give me strength I was going to have to stand in line for 15 minutes because Countdown always have precisely 25% less checkouts open that they need to anyway and after all, it's only Garlic.

The Photo
Sunset from our new house, which we've just bought, but still haven't made a mortgage payment on, so it kinda feels like we're living here for free, which makes sunsets feel all the more sweeter, which you probably can't feel from a photo, but is the first photo I've taken this year, but what do you care that this is a really long sentence, but only because I've had a good amount of wine tonight and I'm happy to write it all.

Captured: 2010:01:30 20:38:58
Posted: Saturday, January 30, 2010, 9:10 pm


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