What kind of porn do you like?

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A view of some trees over a lake with a snowy mountain range behind

- sec, f at mm

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I have been assisting my late father's partner with the whole winding up his estate, getting on with her life thing. She is a Korean New Zealander who has better English than my Korean, but not very much English all the same. We eventually make ourselves understood anyway.

Today I had this somewhat awkward conversation with her in the car as I was taking her somewhere

Her: Do you like the porn?
Her: The porn
Her: Mobile porn?
Me, thinking: What the?
Her, again: Mobile porn
Me, thinking: Not really, the screen is too small...
Me, answering finally, still not sure where the conversation was going: No
Her: What kind of porn do you like?
Me, thinking: Am I supposed to tell a little old Korean lady my kinks?
Her, pointing at my fathers mobile phone in the centre console: Mobile porn
Me, with relief, oh, you mean mobile phone?
Her: Yes, mobile phone

The Photo
I think it's Lake Ruataniwha down in Twizel taken late winter a couple of years back. Best viewed larger. Click the link up there if you are not reading this in your feed reader, otherwise, come visit the site and then click the link up there

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Thursday, 18 April, 2024 18:57

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