Every now and then a thought occurs to me and I go off hunting that data to support my hypothesis and usually cheery pick the data to prove I'm right. Because!

The Book of Dave

I've said a bunch of dumb things and sometimes said some things that will be remembered across the ages, compiled into a book and used as a guide to life for millennia. This is them, graze upon them. These are The (newer) Book Of Dave

Too much Queen and Rolling Stones

I'm Gen X, I listen to the music of the best decades, 80s, 70s, some small portion of the 90s and 60's. That means The Sound, Coast Fm and Gold FM and some Hauraki. I had started to form an opinion that Auckland radio stations play too much Queen, Elton John and Rolling Stones. so set out to prove that thinking with data. I was bloody right.

Spudooli News

I stopped consuming the news. It was just too much. I was a news junkie. I thought he who is not informed, is a dummy. But then the news became too much and I'd had enough. So I made my own news site where I could control where and what I could consume. Spudooli News is good enough news for me.

Spudooli Reader

I coded my own RSS Feed Reader in a weekend and am much happier for it..

Bluetooth is everywhere/

In the late 2000s, we used to live across the road from a primary school, which meant 2 school drop off's and piskup's a day. I noticed a new trend in Bluetooth

Our bank balance

Online privacy. If you give it away, you are in control, no one can take it. With no context, does telling you our bank balance mean anything?