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NIKON D70 - 1/500 sec, f7.1 at 200mm

This post was brought to you by Rik, not Dave who has run out of ideas.

People who complain about fuel prices piss me off, but not as much as those people who try to do Fuel company boycotts. I'd rather see the Budweiser Frogs virus alert than any more petrol boycott spam crap that keeps appearing in my inbox. If you really want something to bitch about, work out how come 1000 litres of water costs about $1.50 from the North Shore Council, but 750mls of water in a plastic bottle with a snazzy lid from Putaruru costs $3 in my local supermarket. Go figure.

As I get older I am becoming less tolerant of idiots. Especially the ones behind petrol-station counters. I hate petrol stations with their overpriced Schweppes Tonic Water and crap food. They stink and they all seem to employ morons. On Sunday I parked the wrong way round (apparently) in Mobil Wairau Rd (the one by McD's) and they wouldn't let me fill up because I might do a "drive off". It's an industry term for doing a runner without paying. They put my pump on prepay and then proudly announced to the rest of the forecourt in their best Punjab accent "Pump 1, you are on prepay".

I went inside, handed over my Mobil card. They asked "How much petrol do you want?"

"A tankful thanks Ranjeet" I replied.

But this was not possible. I was in danger of doing a drive off and management said that this necessitated a prepay and under no circumstances could it be removed. I asked if I looked like a criminal. But profiling was obviously not one of their strong points.

After a small argument, I retrieved my card and went across the road to the other Mobil and spent $87ish.

If you want to boycott anyone, boycott the Sunday afternoon shift at Mobil beside McDonalds on Wairau Road. Take that!

Stay tuned for the next Rik instalment... My vasectomy in graphic detail!

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Posted: Wednesday, 28 September, 2005 20:28

Captured: 2005:05:28 16:10:30

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  • Who is Rik? I hate pulling up too a gas station when below empty on my gauge to find they are prepays. The smoke blows out my ears and I feel I might explode with rage. Prepays are to avoid drive offs too. But now your putting more than $100 in your tank its become a worthy crime. I suggest we organize 10-15 people for Mobil Sunday shift,cover/hide our number plates,fill up our cars to more than fill and then do the biggest ever drive off in history. I reckon we would get on CNN especially with the gas shortage. Just think of the publicity. Cripes maybe I could sponser the whole event and put everyone in company shirts. Friggen hell maybe I should warn the major TV networks we are going to do it ! Then after we have made our point, Im not sure what our point is? We could offer to pay back gas station NOT!
    David Serville - Thursday, 29 September, 2005 10:32
  • Freakin' hell. Here is a guy wanted by the law for not paying his speeding tickets, inciting people to break the law! On the other hand, I'm admiring the fact that you also spied a marketing opportunity there too. But we all drive BMW's which means we can get BMW to also sponsor your event.
    Dave - Thursday, 29 September, 2005 10:35
  • Oh, and Rik is the only man I have ever slept with. Twice.
    Dave - Thursday, 29 September, 2005 11:42
  • If it's the one by McD's you are talking about Mobile Hillside - Wairau Rd is one across the road. If it's a Sunday, what time? I have been doing Sunday evening shifts there for a while, so it's likely you were dealing with me. And no, my name is isn't Ranjeet. I could explain the drive-off situation in more detail as I agree it's extremely annoying (but is also much needed). Thanks for calling me a moron, I'm probably not your regular gas station attendant but I agree thats a probably good generalisation ;-) Would like to remain anon so haven't posted my correct email or name although you could probably visit Mobil on a Sunday night and call me a moron in person ;-)
    Dr. Jeffrey Wigand - Wednesday, 4 January, 2006 13:37
  • I can't come in and call you a moron Dr Wigand, because I refuse to visit your "service" station any more. And unless you have breasts, it wasn't you.
    Rik - Wednesday, 4 January, 2006 13:56
  • Understandable but what time was it if you can remember? Btw, Ranjeet is a guy's name...
    Dr. Jeffrey Wigand - Friday, 6 January, 2006 1:31
  • Given that it was over 3 months ago I cannot be sure. But good luck looking thru all the surveillance tapes trying to track me down. Stalker!
    Rik - Friday, 6 January, 2006 16:38

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