My week in Wellington

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NIKON D70 - 1/2000 sec, f3.8 at 25mm

Normally our family trips away are bloody great, so I've been looking forward to our week in Wellington for Blue's 80th for ages. But it all turned to custard really and was hardly a great success.

To start with it rained really hard in Taupo and I spent most of the night obsessing about the car being out in the rain. The kids got in a good swim though at the Thermal Pools so all not lost. The guy in the Kebab shop was bloody friendly, though his kebabs sucked.

It was bloody cold in Wellington and windy and rainy. Our accomodation was worth exactly what we paid for it too. I only got out once to chase some photo's, and ultimately I decided it was too cold to get out of the car. In the end I only managed 4 photo's. Above is the least crappy of them, so imagine how crap the others were. Thats Antartica in the distance by the way. Either that or the southerly felt like the south pole was just over the horizon.

We had a good trip home with virtually no traffic on the road. The most eventful part was having a copper heading towards us put on his flashy lights. So we pulled over while he turned around. He wandered up to me and gave me a speeding ticket for $120. The most incredible thing was, I was only 200 metres up the road from where I got the speeding ticket last year! We drove 1250 kms and managed to get a ticket at almost exactly the same spot on State Highway 1. If you have Google Earth, I've updated the map here just so that you can see how spooky it is. Just pan out a bit to see how much of NZ there is and I manage 2 tickets on the same bit of road 18 months apart.

Today Gabba told me that she couldn't/wouldn't go back to Wellington to live. Probably because it's still winter down there. I was thinking how bloody great Wellington and the Hutt Valley is while I was down there. It's small, so to get anywhere and everywhere is quick and easy. The city councils down there have a clue. Auckland and the Shore are God-forsaken holes run by moronic retarded impotent megalomaniac's that don't have the first clue about city planning by comparison. There is a nice amount of humanity down there. They are no better than the people in Auckland. There is just less of them. I would be quite happy if all but 200 of the people in Auckland were to all die of Bird Flu. Although I guess that would leave a big mess for the 204 of us remaining to clean up.

Gabba, I did that job you asked me to do so you owe me, remember!

UPDATE: A guy just called us on the phone. When I answered, he asked to speak with my mother. He said "Is your mother home"? I told him that my mother doesn't live with us because I don't need her help anymore but he's quite welcome to call her in Australia if he wants. Ma, expect a call from some guy that wants to know about the school calendar's!

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Posted: Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 17:57

Captured: 2005:10:22 14:02:45

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  • you lived the first 5 years of your life in Upper hutt and liked it then, maybe you just want to go back to where you came from.
    ma - Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 18:15
  • obviously you didn't learn from the first speeding ticket either. Over here they have been taking those radar tickets to court and getting off because the radars in moving cars have been proved faulty
    ma - Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 18:17
  • Yes I did learn something from the last speeding ticket. The last one was for 118km/h and this one was for 117km/h. So I have slowed down.
    Dave - Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 18:42
  • Thankful you are back. Thought <a href="">best NZ blog that doesn't talk about code or politics</a> all the time was dead. Have legitimately become fond of capitalisation.
    manda - Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 20:22
  • I put a link in my last comment to a photo of you on Darren's Flickr. You removed it and it's legit! Have toned down awed view of your blog now :P
    manda - Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 20:22
  • Also: you have gotten lazy about your apostrophes in your blogging absence. And is Spudooli Investments realy a company? If so, I vote they invest in everyone's favourite craft store ;) PS: If you allowed editing of comments this travesty of three comments which makes me look as 3-glasses-of-wine down the evening as I am would not have happened.
    manda - Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 20:24
  • Hi Manda. Yes the link is definately still there. I checked it myself. I didn't remove it. Yes I got lazy and didn't proof the post as well as I might have. Yes Spudooli Investments Ltd is definatly a real company. I shall consult with the directors about any investment opportunities in <a href="">Champion</a>. see there, I gave you a link from a newly PR 4 site! And yes all 3 comments from you look a lot like 3 glasses of wine as they are almost unintelligible. Adn I'm pleased you have a new found love for caps too.
    Dave - Wednesday, 26 October, 2005 21:02
  • Dave! Want to be in a museum exhibition? Did you get the email from Darren? You and Gabba could be stars! Let me know if you are keen - will buy you beer.
    manda - Thursday, 27 October, 2005 13:28
  • So what does Gabba owe you, mate? Or does that warrant an online censor?
    Jody - Thursday, 27 October, 2005 15:23
  • It's best not mentioned as our mothers read this!
    Dave - Thursday, 27 October, 2005 15:27
  • Your right wellington does suck. I know a kid from there and he sucks too. Must be something in the water. Perhaps crappy juice.
    concern citzen - Sunday, 17 September, 2006 6:40
  • Your right wellington does suck. I know a kid from there and he sucks too. Must be something in the water. Perhaps crappy juice.
    concern citzen - Sunday, 17 September, 2006 6:41
  • I like crappy juice. I drank some the other day and it tasted goooooooooooooooooooood. Will you be my chum? It's okay, I'm not from Wellington! From now on we shall be chums and I shall call you chummy.
    Franny Panny - Wednesday, 28 March, 2007 21:15
  • Welcome my faithful readers as I update yet another week of my life. As I sit here and drink my crappy juice this week, I must ponder about whether anyone actually reads my ramblings to begin with.
    Franny Panny - Thursday, 5 April, 2007 20:18
  • Ahh yes. Another week of crappy juice and yet another chum fest for us all to indulge in as we sit here and debate the meaning of our life. Mine is to update my chum fest ramblings. You on the other hand, my faithful reader, don't appear to have one. But that is okay as you will soon emmerse yourself in the wonderful ramblings of Franny Panny and once again your life will become worth while.
    Franny Panny - Thursday, 5 April, 2007 20:22
  • You my faithful reader must come back next week and drink crappy juice with me or I may just have to shake my fist vigorously at you!
    Franny Panny - Thursday, 5 April, 2007 20:24
  • Good afternoon fellow spudooli readers. Today I have a bit of a dilemma for you. I can't seem to find a golf trundler for a decent price! I mean a peice of aluminium bent to hold a golf bag shouldn't be eighty flippin' dollars! Do y'all hear me girl friends?! So if you could help me to find one I may send you my secret recipy for crappy juice. Cheers xoxo
    Franny Panny - Sunday, 8 April, 2007 16:28
  • Oh and by the way............ HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY!! See y'all spudoodles next week with another glass of crappy juice. Peace out!
    Franny Panny - Sunday, 8 April, 2007 16:31
  • Yo Yo Yo!! A whole seven days I'v resisted updating my chum fest. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm (consider it now updated)! Toodalooo xoxo
    Franny Panny - Sunday, 15 April, 2007 11:18
  • Franny Panny, who the hell are you? And why are you commenting on suck an old post?
    Dave - Sunday, 15 April, 2007 11:20
  • Why I am the magical and mysterious Franny Panny. Isn't it nice to have made your aquaintance oh jolly Dave? I bring peace and love to the world! Can you feel the love Davey? Can you feel it?! Please reply soon as I am sitting here, anxious to hear from my new best friend......Dave!
    Franny Panny - Saturday, 2 June, 2007 10:41
  • WHY HAVEN"T YOU REPLIED YET DAVE?!! WHHHYYYYYYYY?! Can't you feel the love girlfriend? Oh well I shall check on your reply tomorrow Davey. Chow for now, drink some delicious crappy juice! xoxoxo
    Franny Panny - Saturday, 2 June, 2007 10:45
  • Franny, why are you giving me grief for not replying in 4 minutes when it took you 6 weeks? And you didn't even answer the question, why do you make your comments on such an old post?
    Dave - Saturday, 2 June, 2007 10:59
  • Well let me see my darling Davey..... it may either be because I have no social life or because my great aunty beatrice has fallen ill with a fever. I fear the worst and this morning Dr. Doolittle cofirmed her severe case of dandruff in the scalpial region. Upon diagnosing my dearest great aunty Beatrice he prescribed one whole week of using Head 'n' Shoulders, along with a few days of bed rest to ease the sinaces. Oh it is times like these that we must all band together Dave and emmerse ourselves in the pool of youth, and reach, REACH toward the light! Well I hope that answers your question. Ta ta Dave and I will be waiting to hear from you soon. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.....
    Franny Panny 4 Dave xoxo - Sunday, 3 June, 2007 23:01
  • Well Franny Panny... Whoever you are... your aunt seems to be in a severe pickle at this grave hour and it would be much appreciated if you could send her my regards in hopes of a quick recovery- because haste is indeed needed at this time because we all know what happens to dandruff in the winter!!! As for Dr. Dolittle... I must say he seems to have dealt with the situation very well and has acted to treat the condition promptly after he gave a diagnosis. You see i know these things with me being a doctor and all. I once had an aunt... Oh those were the days... In the summer of '69...
    Willy Wong Coo - Monday, 4 June, 2007 13:42
  • Hello my new email chum! Willywongcoo was it? That is a very interesting name..... are you mexican? I read that you are a doctor. Well now you must tell me what I should do about these bunyons I seem to be growing on my feet. Now I don't know if your all up with the heebie-jeebies, but this brute of a woman called Dave will simply not email me back after all the trouble that I went to to tell her about my dear aunt Beatrice's dandruff problem! Honestly, the nerve of some people! Any ways I really must fly dearey. I'm off to a tea party with Micheal Jackson and the Queen. Chow for now and remember to stay off the streets, you're Mexican not Chinese.
    Franny Panny - Friday, 8 June, 2007 16:41
  • Yes Franny Panny, i am in fact very mexican in deed!!!! born and raised in the great land of tortillatown (home of the tortilla) i was a very lonely child. After the dissapearance of my father, mother and 3 siblings i was never quite a normal child... wandering the streets of olayville looking for food... that is why i became a doctor. Moving to the great land of "New Zealandae" gave me a new lease on life and i opened up a practise in tuatapere. Buisness is booming. You know it is the sausage capital of New Zealandae. I am spelling that right, arent I? Anyway so long, farewell I have to make some tacos now for an orphaned puppy at the homeless shelter where i work as a volunteer. Just doing my bit in the community. Even though i did get up at 2am this morning it makes it all worth it to see those wee puppy faces as you give them home prepared tacos... Adeos my little borritos! xoxo
    Willy wong coo - Sunday, 17 June, 2007 10:34

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