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NIKON D70 - 1/40 sec, f4.5 at 70mm

After finding out, much to my chagrin I'll have you know, that my blog is completely worthless, I decided I need to step up my mission to improve my blog ranking.

This was compounded by the fact that other less often updated sites (you know who you are, you little buggers) already have a value much greater than mine. Proving once again to me that working hard and doing a good job (or at least the best job I can do) is an exercise in pointless futility. In the end you have to be a marketer to do well at anything. It's not the effort expended that is valued, more the schmoozing and arse kissing and self promoting that gets done. Which really guts me because marketing is evil and aimed at weak willed people who can't make their own decisions.

So I came up with a cunning plan. I'll make my own bloggers. Gabba willing, I can make as many bloggers as I like. It'll be simple for me to get links! I bet no one has ever thought of this as a link building strategy before. Bugger buying links when you can have much more fun making as many linkers as you like.

So tonights photo is of Sarah while she was typing her first blog post. I hope it's not the last. Although before too long it'll no doubt degenerate into a "chick blog".

Now excuse me while I go edit that post and insert a link back here...

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Posted: Wednesday, 8 February, 2006 18:47

Captured: 2006:02:08 17:54:46

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  • Well at least it's freaking WP rather than the other rubbish out there. I'd be interested in the results...
    seriocomic - Wednesday, 8 February, 2006 23:27
  • Here here! What a great idea! I just read you 'about' page too. I reckon 1/2 the world (ok more than that) would not even know what a spud was. Funny stuff, keep up the good work.
    ROB - Thursday, 9 February, 2006 0:23
  • Tena koe ehoa As is the kiwi custom when abroad and ya' can't get more abroad than the Internet, I've come to your whare to make myself known and acquaintences with a fellow kiwi. Tena koe ehoa (Gidday Mate) Ko ndiginiz toku ingoa (Name= ndiginiz) I cut my toenails at http://nativflavaz.blogspot.com, come on ova spin some shit, sit awhile and take a load off, throw your sneakers on the couch, piss off and come back later and do it all ova again! Your mission should accept it is to make acquaintences with all kiwis you reckonise, think might be, or assume are kiwis on the internet, as with past traditions. Home is where the heart is and the heart is always in a kiwi. Spread the word and not the marmite! We are everywhere... where? I "ndiginiz" am the instigator of this mission and you have been initiated. So until we meet again Darling I'll say goodbye, even though I'm blue, even though I'm blue, even though I'm blue. Darling I'll say goodbye.... This message will not self-distruct at anytime, but should be transplanted in another Maggie Barry somewhere else.
    ndigniz - Saturday, 11 February, 2006 9:37

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