Beer is cheaper at the zoo than the casino

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NIKON D70 - 1/125 sec, f5.6 at 200mm

I'm reliably informed that a Heineken is 50 cents cheaper at the Auckland Zoo than it is in the Sky City Casino.

That surprises me a little. Normally at places like the zoo, where we are captive and there is a monopoly, they right bend you over properly.

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Sunday, 22 April, 2007 17:34

Captured: 2007:04:22 14:26:06

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  • Looking at the photo I feel as though I've been on the beer. The mind boggles. Is it a giraffe I'm looking at?
    Nova - Monday, 23 April, 2007 1:11
  • Nicely done... same location...different giraffe maybe?
    Jonny - Monday, 23 April, 2007 9:17
  • Might even be the same giraffe!
    Dave - Monday, 23 April, 2007 11:01
  • I'm still curious. What is the photo of?
    Nova - Monday, 23 April, 2007 15:53

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