The chicken was a little tough

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NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f3.8 at 27mm

Gabba, this post is just for you to know what we've been doing all day. We miss you! I'll especially miss our Wednesday night "playing games" thing ;-)

Ok, so today was the first whole day without you to herd the kids. I got up on time, I got the kids up on time, I got them breakfast and I even did their hair. I mean I did something to their hair.

I packed their lunches and I got them to school on time.

I stopped to get myself a coffee, only to find all the (hot) Moms gathered for their Wednesday morning coffee cluckfest. I could of (sic) stayed, but housework was calling.

I then spent two hours washing dishes, making beds, tidying up and feeding the cat*

After that, I tried to decide between opening a bottle of wine and sitting with Oprah and Tyra and Dr. Phil for a few hours (like you do), but instead went and had lunch with Bardy at Stevies.

Next was back to the office for a chat for half an hour (I just couldn't keep away from the cool kids at the office). I then picked the kids up from school (on time) and made another trip to the supermarket (for milk and butter and bacon) and then took Alice to dancing.

I cooked up Brad's Chilli for dinner. The chicken was a little tough and it was a little too spicy for me, but Alice hoovered it down like the crazy thing she is and then helped herself to more. Sarah had something out of a can (tin) and then scoffed the chocolate mousse you made before you left.

Sarah is now on the phone to Angela. There is lots of joyous yelling, I have no idea what about, should I ask?.

I've figured out the washing machine. Hopefully something will come out clean and then I'll do battle with the dryer.

The kitchen is a mess.

The Photo

It's proof that at least one of the giblets is still alive and is happy (she's smiling). I'll get proof the other is ok tomorrow.

UPDATE: All their homework is done. And it's only Wednesday btw. that s better than even you can do!!!!1

*Gabba, the cat took a dump in the hall way. Please can I brick him before you get home? It's rubbish day tomorrow, I could put him in the wheely bin!

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Posted: Wednesday, 18 July, 2007 19:18

Captured: 2007:07:18 15:43:57

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  • What a man. A man's got do what a woman use to do. Haven't you done well. Don't know about the Chili not a favorite of mine. Now chocolate mousse is another story. Regarding the washing machine at least you didn't have to find out how that worked. My boss (who I once worked for) assumed because the machine was automatic couldn't figure out how the soap powder didn't get in the machine.
    Nova - Friday, 20 July, 2007 17:35

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