But is it art?

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NIKON D70 - 1/5000 sec, f16 at 70mm

I've noticed that I've started looking at photo's and movies with more appreciation of the art involved rather than the technical skill or the story being told. This is possibly why I'm struggling with my own photography. I've perhaps been spending far too much time looking at what other people can do and comparing directly to what I'm currently capable of producing.

I really enjoyed the Kill Bill movies for the art that only Tarantino could possibly put into a film. The style, the angles, the colors, the script all started to make sense to me as art rather than just as a movie with a story. I found myslef looking at it rather than watching it.

We watched a DVD over the weekend we stayed at Tairua called In My Fathers Den. It's a New Zealand film, typically gloomy and slow and heavy and sometimes cringe inducing and always far too reflective. I found myself enjoying it because it was all those things rather than beause it was just a movie to fill in the hours before bedtime. It looked to me so much better than anything Hollywood or Bollywood could produce.

All this is a bit of a shock to me as I've only really done anything for the technology ever. Perhaps the creative bit of my brain isn't completely mush like I've always thought. On the other hand, most of my photo's are crap so maybe I'm not that arty at all!

Don't think I'm going to start enjoying opera, interpretive dance or the theatre though. I hate dance and theatre as much as I hate porridge!

Did I ever tell you the story that my retard of a father used to force me to eat porridge every morning. If I didn't eat it, he'd slice it the next day and put it in my sandwiches for lunch. Ha Ha Ha. Actually, he didn't really put it in the sandwiches but the forcing to eat it bit is true. Oh, and he really is a retard as well, that bit is definately true!

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Posted: Monday, 9 May, 2005 17:16

Captured: 2005:05:09 16:12:28

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