Turning off the mains before poking about the wiring

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A view towards New Plymouth city at sunset

Pixel 5 - 43/1000000 sec, f1.73 at 219/50mm

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I have noticed, but only in the last 5 years or so, that I have started to notice hazards I have created, or someone has, and to also actually do something about them.

There was a very long time when I'd (un)happily stand on a nail, smash my head, bark a shin, stub a toe, scrape an ear, knock the skin off a knuckle or poke an eye on some trap that I'd left for myself. I seemed to be in such a hurry to get the thing done, move on to the next thing, advance to the following step that safety of me or those around me never made it to front of mind.

Then, at some point, there was this slow dawning thought that the primary reason I'm bleeding right now is that because 30 minutes ago, or 2 weeks back, if I'd spent say, 35 seconds more doing a thing, I wouldn't be wondering right now how the hell I was going to fit that foot into a shoe tomorrow for work.

Now. I'm all for the work gloves. Ear protection. Safety glasses. Turning off the mains before poking about the in wiring. Knocking out or bending over the nails in the scrap timber, pointing the spikey thing away from me. Taking an extra minute or two to stand back some and assess the total situation before starting or walking off.

Nothing beats bleeding less

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Back in December we spent 4 days down in New Plymouth for some reason that I can't drag to mind right now. Bloody loved the place. So much that it's rocketed to the top of our "places to consider we retire to in n 8 years, 8 months and 24 days" list. Anyways, after a day of full on rain that forced us to cancel all the cool plans we had, it cleared and me and Gabba got to go for a walk on the Coastal Walkway. It was one of those evenings that you wish would never end. New Plymouth District Council, you are bloody awesome! For now. Don't fuck it up.

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Friday, 8 March, 2024 18:57

Captured: 2023:12:10 19:41:44

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  • The early hours of the morning, my smoke alarm went off due to an insect. Usually they leave fairly quickly but not this time. Removed top and then removed battery, which had no effect, then notice a blue so pulled that out. Success. Next morning I read the labels and found that the plug was 240v and definitely not to be removed with power connected.
    Ken - Monday, 11 March, 2024 19:23
  • Oosh. A lesson not learned the hard way, thankfully :-)
    Dave - Monday, 11 March, 2024 19:26
  • And lovely see you back too, Ken. Thanks for reading and commenting too!
    Dave - Monday, 11 March, 2024 19:26

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