Where We Spend Our Money

How we've spent quite a lot of money since about 1996. Because we run our house out of a single bank account, and have done since about 1994, we have a very good history of how we spend our money.
In the database is 32,101 transactions, starting 12/2/1996 and the latest 31/03/2024


Total spend on Petrol

On first reflection, this seems like a huge amount of money, and it is of course, but simplistically (not taking into account inflation etc) it's only about $4,335 a year or $360 a month to run 2 cars. Bring on EVs!

Z should be sending us a Christmas card every year though

Note the fascinating spend gap for April 2020 when NZ went into lockdown the first time where our only purchase at a service station was a bottle of milk

The gap in late 2004 was when we were briefly livng in Madison, WI, USA.

Shell / Z


Possibly only half our Supermarket spend
Supermarkets suck our cash

Our total supermarket spend is not entirely accurate for various reasons, but it's still interesting to compare where we spend the money.

Despite this data not including every time we've ever been to the supermarket, the total visits we do have is 3,945 times Gabba has walked into a supermarket, or on average once every 2.45 days. If I was to guess, the average would be much closer to 1.

Woolworths / Foodtown / Countdown
New World
Pak n Save
Farro Fresh

The Warehouse

Total Spend at The Warehouse
The changing habits of our spend at The Warehouse

At one point it seemed we were in The Warehouse almost every weekend and then suddenly it occured to me that it was bloody ages since I was last there. I assume it's because we stopped buying stuff for the kids. The chart below shows our The Warehouse purchase history $ spend by month. Amusingly the last few years we are shopping at The Warehouse, again for the kids but this time buying stuff for them to move out into places of their own.

If I was to guess, our spend at McDonalds would possibly follow a similar track. One day I will find out.

The Hardware Stores

Total Spend at Hardware stores
We bought a house to spend money at hardware stores

We bought our house in January 2010. Which is about exactly when the chart below shows a marked increase in our spending at Hardware stores. Conveniently or not, we live only 800m from a Bunnings. We have been to Bunnings Constellation 356 times.