All is right with the world, and dentist's give me the shits

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NIKON D70 - 1/30 sec, f11 at 70mm

All is right with the world! Tonight we had Filet Mignon for dinner ($11.99 a kilo at Pack and Save), with broc, green beans, spuds and garly bread and of course the mushlooms and bacon. Sarah scoffed the steak. Really got stuck in with lots of that humming she does while she eats when she's quite content. And then she hoovered the bacon. And then had a darn good go at all the veggies. Nice. The world is at peace again! Although I doubt that will go down well with Manda.

Although Sarah eating meat doesn't really make up for events of earlier in the day. Sarah finally got to her Orthodontist appointment that we made probably 2 months ago. You can't tell me that guy is so busy he has to be booked 2 months ahead of time. Anyways, we escaped from the place with an invoice for something over $800. Sarah has to wear a plate thing (she chose the glow in the dark one) for 2 months to push one of her teeth back into line. Of course what are we to say when dentist guy tells us we need to spend $800 on eldest daughters teeth? Do we know any better? On the other hand, I guess it could have been much worse, says me philosophically, waving goodbye again to my 105mm F2 Macro lens.

Thanks to the family, who tonight played as my photographic assistants while I had a damn good go at cooking the daffodils with the 500W workshop lamp.

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Posted: Thursday, 4 August, 2005 19:47

Captured: 2005:08:04 19:12:43

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  • Im still paying the X wifes Orthodondist bill (serious bridge work)and Braces for son over $12,000 and I still have Braces for my daughter to do. Orthodontist book 2 months out because every second month they are in the Carribean on Holiday. Your $800 pays for the cocktails on their first day. Mean while my teeth are crap Im confused ? Actually I think I work for my Orthodontist. I'm considering starting a trust fund to pay to improve the worlds teeth. Who wants to cure aids anyway?
    David Serville - Friday, 5 August, 2005 7:24
  • Ha Ha. In the early days of having babies, I just direct credited half my pay direct to our family doctor. It saved all that embarrassing fuss with the nurse about the money!
    Dave - Friday, 5 August, 2005 8:20
  • you're lucky that you didn't meet me when i was a veggo. not to mention that my orthodontics were way worse than that...and now its all falling apart.
    manda - Friday, 5 August, 2005 9:46

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