First damn Comment Spam tonight dammit

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NIKON D70 - 1/125 sec, f8 at 48mm

Bloody hell. I found some comment spam on the site tonight. Some little loser bastard posted a comment about online poker along with a pile of links. Shit. I was thinking only last week how pleased I was that I finally had the damn referral log spammers finally under control. For the most part I'm blocking them at the web server and they never actually make it to my web site. When I scroll through my logs I get a perverse pleasure out of seeing the 404 and 403 errors they are all getting when they try it on. Kiss my arse you suckers.

And now the first comment spam, dammit.

I'm picturing to myself the communication that is happening right now. The server that posted the comment is right now telling dozens of other servers where this site is and how to post a comment. And before the week is out all I'm doing is clearing up comment spam.

I briefly bet to myself that the same people that do this comment and referral log spamming are the same people that tag everything with graffiti. But then I realized that people that spam are motivated by money (and greed) but they are basically lazy. And then the taggers are motivated by vanity and are basically too lazy to do anything more useful with themselves.

I have a fantasy that I sometimes plan with meticulous detail. One day when I really lose my rag and go like that guy on Falling Down, I'm gonna buy me a 4 wheel drive thing and go run down those useless taggers all vigilante like. Oh yeah, it'll be sweet!

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Posted: Sunday, 7 August, 2005 21:06

Captured: 2005:08:06 14:32:42

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  • It's funny that when we left the US to move to NZ I figured I'd never see graffiti again, I was wrong, though different than the US, it seems to not just be located in the "downtown" areas of NZ. One of these days there will be some sheep running around with graffiti on them.. It's just a matter of time.
    Scott - Sunday, 7 August, 2005 23:01
  • all that tagging is v.shit. There are a very small handful of real graffiti artists. There's a brit who goes by the name Banksy ( who does some amazing artworks.
    Darren - Monday, 8 August, 2005 7:54
  • Graffiti can be art. I have taken a real interest in the good stuff. Its adds to the artistic fabric of a modern world. Go for a drive in Pakuranga or some suburbs on the shore. Now thats ugly. If I had my way I would have the government pay architects to supply design plans for the middle class and poor areas of New Zealand ...Not to mention the crap glass towers. Dont get me started. Grunge is good mediocraty is BAD if only I could spell it ! Doh !
    David Serville - Monday, 8 August, 2005 12:24

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