It's all in the way you hold your tongue

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NIKON D70 - 1/500 sec, f5.3 at 110mm

Thankfully the netball season is over. Unfortunately for summer, Alice is playing T-Ball (a kids variation on Softball/Baseball) and sarah is playing Touch Rugby. I can see Saturdays being totally lost to sport for the rest of my life now. Even worse, Ali's game starts at 8:15am. On a Saturday. Morning. Bloody hell!

I put the camera on continuous mode and got about 20 photo's between Alice hitting the ball and by the time she made it to first base. I think this is the best shot of them all. The kid in red in the background is feilding Ali's bunt and Alice is running like a maniac to first base.

Apologies to everyone that I've posted yet another photo of our loin fruit.

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Posted: Sunday, 16 October, 2005 21:47

Captured: 2005:10:15 08:26:51

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  • If she falls she'll bite off her tongue! Argh! Pics of the loin fruit are ok - just remember before you bemoan the loss of your Saturdays that there will be a time when they are more interested in boys and parties than sports and hanging out with their parents...
    manda - Monday, 17 October, 2005 7:48

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