What do you get when you put string on a dead cow?

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NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f4.5 at 70mm

While Gabba was out doing the Harper Valley PTA thing tonight, I was playing on our new couch (or cowch as Rik referred to it because it's leather - dead cow).

It's black. Which means I can put anything on it (as long as Gabba doesn't catch me) and point the flash at it and take cool floaty pictures. So for an hour tonight I was putting all sorts of things on it and playing with the flash off camera. Most of the shots was me experimenting with what I could put on the cowch without leaving a mark. But also seeing all the odd places I could put the speedlight and still have the flash work.

Right, I'm off. Not that I (we) believe in Valentines Day, I still have to put in some spade work if I'm to get what I want! See ya tomorrow.

As an aside, if anyone wants a 13 year old lounge suite (2 two seaters) with rips in the arms, but comfy as hell, let me know. I have no idea what to do with the old suite. It's sitting in our entrance hall just getting the way right now.

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Posted: Tuesday, 14 February, 2006 22:13

Captured: 2006:02:14 21:52:15

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  • The cowtch: Tradme. The photo: Must be a smooth leather because there's a slight reflection. When you say off camera flash, what are you using? SB600/800? IR or tethered?
    seriocomic - Wednesday, 15 February, 2006 1:07
  • NIce new leather, so nice on my skin ;-) As for the flash, I've got an SB800. It's neither IR nor tethered.
    Dave - Wednesday, 15 February, 2006 8:12
  • Gabby told me it's Valentine's Day at your house every day....to elaborate who else gets tires (tyres) for their birthday!
    Michele - Wednesday, 15 February, 2006 17:06
  • I got a SB800 too but haven't had a chance to read the manual on off-camera triggering...
    seriocomic - Wednesday, 15 February, 2006 23:00

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