So that's the way the stars turn

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NIKON D70 - 919 sec, f8 at 31mm

I gave bulb a shot tonight, and it didn't turn out too bad for my first attempt. Also not so bad from our deck in the city under an almost full moon.

I bet if I drove north out of the city a little bit tomorrow night I could get a much more interesting photo. Although just about all the really easy spots to get to will have locked gates at sunset now. Mahurangi and Wenderholm Regional Parks will be all locked up right when I need to get the car out no doubt.

Some more thinking required.

Anyways, this is almost like the photo published a week back, only now I'm using a decent tripod and have the ML-L3 remote for bulb operation.

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Posted: Saturday, 29 April, 2006 21:25

Captured: 2005:04:13 21:15:54

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