Yorkshire Pudding is everything as good as I remember it

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NIKON D70 - 1725/2 sec, f3.5 at 18mm

While eating dinner tonight Gabba asked me "so it that blogworthy"? Being blogworthy is the official measure of good things these days. "Damn straight" I replied in my best yoof accent. She'd cooked little Yorkshire Puddings to go with our Roast Beef. It's been easily 30+ years since I last had Yorkshire Pudding. Although no doubt my mother will chime in to tell me I had them in Gisborne 21 years ago. If you too haven't had pudding with your main course in a long time, give it a try.

The wife went out last night to a PTA meeting leaving me with her damn kids, so tonight I buggered off to Long Bay Regional Park to see what I could photograph in the dark. It also gave me a chance to walk off roast beef, carrots, spud, kumara, parsnip, peas and yorkshire pudding drowned in gravy. Mmmmmmmm, pudding.

It was dark and spooky at the park though. Especially at the far end. I braved it out and walked right past all the monsters. Oddly there was no pimply faced youth there snogging in their steamed up cars. Jeez, what's up with kids today?

I'm not real happy with any of the photos I took tonight. But I think I've learned some more and that's the main thing.

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Posted: Wednesday, 3 May, 2006 20:52

Captured: 2005:05:03 19:59:26

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  • I think thats one of your better night shots. I cant remember the last Yorkshire pudding I had. I remember my first though. You always remember your first.
    Daniel - Wednesday, 3 May, 2006 21:09
  • Bloody hell you make me laugh. As an aside, when you get to my age, it's much easier to remember your last one. You never know where your next one is going to come from! Or even if there is going to be a next one.
    Dave - Wednesday, 3 May, 2006 21:11
  • Listen to you two...jeez... I've never been overly impressed with the york pud... Great shot!
    Darren - Wednesday, 3 May, 2006 22:15
  • Good to see you got that all important .5 of a second in the exposure - what'd I tell ya!?
    seriocomic - Thursday, 4 May, 2006 0:20
  • Never ever...ever....date something you first did/had/experienced/stole/bought......it's very aging darling.....what you're meant to do is say "it was in vogue before my time".
    Michele - Thursday, 4 May, 2006 9:01
  • it could look very suspect you walking in a park at night with a camera. And no I don't remember cooking you yorkshire pud but Granma Cooper used to make really mouthwatering ones when you were little
    ma - Thursday, 4 May, 2006 22:52
  • Yes, it's the Grandma Cooper ones that I recall eating. Gabba's was just as good!
    Dave - Friday, 5 May, 2006 19:24
  • super star trails!! I've yet to try this :(
    dean - Monday, 8 May, 2006 7:41

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