There are lots of idiots out there

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NIKON D70 - 1/3200 sec, f1.8 at 50mm

There was a newsletter pinned to a notice board at the local Sunday Market here in Browns Bay. It was telling stall holders that there will be no market next Sunday because it's Easter. At the bottom was a note to everyone wising them a safe holiday, and that if they were out on the roads, to be careful as there was lots of idiots out there. I wondered as I walked away, following Gabba obediantly around the market, how many of the idiots out on the road where actually right there at the market. Broadly claiming "there are lots of idiots out there" somewhat labels everyone as idiots.

Some what related, today there was 2 letters in our mail to the people that owned the house we are in before the previous owners. They were mailed on different days, one from Auckland and another from the Waikato. Both had handwritten envelopes. We opened one to find the sender to post it back to them only to find it was one of those "send these people $20, put your name on the bottom of the list and then send the letter to 5 other people" letters. The other letter was exactly the same. I said to Gabba that I couldn't believe there was so many idiots out there that still do this kind of crap.

Gabba told me that we had received about 4 copies of the same letter since we got home form the USA. I feel embarrassed that I know people that are stupid enough to indulge in these pyramid schemes. I'm even more embarrassed that those people think Gabba and I are stupid enough to do the same. Perhaps there really are lots of idiots out there.

No, Toyota drives are not idiots. But we had 2 of them (Toyota's, not idiots) parked in our driveway this weekend. A little part of me died inside!

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Posted: Monday, 21 March, 2005 17:35

Captured: 2005:03:19 13:08:11

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  • If a little part of you died in the weekend, can you please take a photo of the view from the throne as this little part escapes from your body as in photo 23.
    Fothers - Tuesday, 22 March, 2005 9:47

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