Two coat hangers is a great gift idea

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NIKON D70 - 128 sec, f3.5 at 18mm

Someone asked me today if I was watching the World Cup. I asked him "World Cup of what?" in return. Ha Ha.

Other than that someone, not a single person that I have conversed with over the last 2 weeks has talked at all about the Football World Cup. Yeah, it's all over the TV and Radio sports news, but really, who gives a flying fig about a bunch of over-paid fancy boys prancing about in the sun in Germany?

I almost bet I could have asked just about anyone I know, apart from "the Almanac of Sport" of course, who was the current holders of the World Cup, no one would be able to give me the answer. Thats how freakin' irrelevant the whole thing is.

I note in a game that was played today that the final score was 1 nil. They played for 90 minutes and only a single goal was scored. I bet the crowd got their money's worth there huh? The beautiful game my arse. It's the boring game.

Somewhat unrelated, it was Sarah's 10th birthday yesterday. She managed a good haul of cash from the relations. To the point that she's off to the bank tomorrow to open her first bank account.

Not that I'm wishing my life away, and it'll be another 20 years or more before I am, but I have found a good reason to be a grandparent. Grandparents always buy the most useless gifts for birthdays and Christmas.
One yeah my Nana bought me 2 coat hangers for Christmas. I think I was maybe 14 or 15 at the time. I can tell you that at that age, nothing got hung up in the closet. In fact, nothing usually got put away at all. The floor was a perfectly good place to store my clothes.

Maybe the right thing to do here is to go purchase a couple of commemorative souvenir 2006 Football World Cup T shirts to give to my grandchildren in about 25 years from now. Shit I'll have a great laugh at their little faces when I hand them over very seriously one Christmas!

Come to think of it, perhaps that was my Nana's plan all along. The joke was on me, the crafty old crone.

The Photo

I went down to the park to catch the moon rise tonight (which was spectacular by the way) and all I came back with that was remotely worth post-processing was this shot of the old gun emplacement I wrote about last month

Map of the photo location
Post Meta

Posted: Thursday, 15 June, 2006 21:48

Captured: 2006:06:15 19:59:14

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  • Yes I know it is Brazil!
    Dave - Thursday, 15 June, 2006 21:51
  • Another nice long exposure. Too bad the moon rise didn't turn out. I saw the end of a World Cup game where the teams tied at zero. One team was ecstatic and the other depressed.
    Adam - Friday, 16 June, 2006 3:04
  • You're bloody right Dave. I was just looking at the headlines on and they read "England struggle into last 16". I couldn't for the life of me (for about 20 sceonds) think what the hell they were on about.
    The Almanac. - Friday, 16 June, 2006 12:06
  • I also know it is Brazil, we call it soccer, and I dont watch it. Best part is our NBA finals coverage takes a lot of time away from "football" coverage.
    Dan - Friday, 16 June, 2006 17:05
  • When are you kiwis going to face up that you not the great sproting nation you think you are? The World Cup is the biggest sporting competition in the World. Where are New Zealand? As for calling the game bring, I think the rest of the world would disagree with you there. It must irk you that more kids play football now than egg chasing in this country :)
    Supa Leeds - Monday, 19 June, 2006 14:30
    Dave - Monday, 19 June, 2006 15:18

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