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- sec, f at mm

Bloody hell. What a week for AU. In the same week, 2 huge Australian Icons die. First Steve Irwin and then Peter Brock*.

I guess most of you won't have heard of Peter Brock before. If you haven't, believe me when I tell you, he is/was huger than Steve Irwin. Steve was a flash in the pan compared to Peter Perfect. "Brockie Brockie Brockie" is part of our lexicon. He raced the same cars my father drove. I can remember watching him race since I was a small kid.

I guess it's not too melodramatic to say it, but AU must be in stunned shock right now. I'm not even sure how to convey what this feeling is like.

In my last post, I mentioned I'd comment on Steve Irwin's death. At the time, I was thinking something along the lines of how, while our lives continued on, others around us completely collapsed. And that this happens to millions of people every day. Luckily, for me and my family, this has only really happened once so far, when Gabba's Dad died a couple of years back. It's just odd to me that we continue on while that is happening everywhere around us to everyone else.

Bloody hell I'm thankful that stuff isn't happening to us.

The media makes a big deal out of celeb's dying though. They are excruciating in how they drag these things out. The recent death of Dame Te Atairangi Kaahu just took forever to conclude. I'm picking this will last for weeks.

Anyways, I don't know where I'm going with all this. It's a sad, sad day/week.

*The NZ Herald had next to no information of Peter's death at the time of this post. Wikipedia had complete details, way beyond what TV3 had, or The Australian or the Sydney Morning Herald or the Melbourne Age or anyone else had. If ever there was a clue for me that the old media is in serious poo, that was it, right there.

The Photo

I'm no where talented enough to take a photo that could capture the mood. Black will have to do.

  • It's sad to note the way the media "Dianafies" these "celebrities". While I am sad at their loss, since all three contributed positively in some way to the world, the contrast between the deaths of a few and the deaths of many (see Iraq - not that I am am a sympathiser of any sort) leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Black is appropriate. P.S. I noticed the gray background too. Still an empty tag throwing up an error tho ;)
    seriocomic - Friday, 8 September, 2006 21:56
  • As soon as I clicked on your site and saw "black," I thought to myself I think I would have done the same. Not much good news out there this week is there? I agree - "Peter Perfect" is a huge loss............And the weather's shitty today!
    Debbie - Saturday, 9 September, 2006 10:19
  • you think it's bad in NZ you should be here in Australia. obviously nothing else has happened anywhere else in the whole world. We have no other news at all
    Ma - Saturday, 9 September, 2006 21:06
  • if we are sensitive, we will notice death around us everytime, and sometimes I think why we get so touched because the media tell us about the passing of some celebrities or socalled celebrities? Life with all aspects touches you more when you notice that the old lady from the other side of the street passed away, the father of a good friend left.. death is part of our life and sometime I think we are quite degenerated (is this correct in english?) that we need the yellow press or the media to remind us of the inevitable..
    Connie - Monday, 11 September, 2006 8:59
  • I was wondering if this image would be just a tad better if you increased the highlights?
    Mr Crewcut - Monday, 11 September, 2006 14:01
  • OK - I'm over looking at "black" now!
    Debbie - Monday, 11 September, 2006 21:12
  • Expecting some good stuff from Waiheke.....
    Michele - Tuesday, 12 September, 2006 10:17

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