I have a hole in my sock

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NIKON D70 - 1/200 sec, f8 at 50mm

Gabba refuses to darn it. What should I do?

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Posted: Friday, 5 January, 2007 20:29

Captured: 2007:01:02 19:51:59

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  • Buy new socks. Nice photo, I assume fill flash ?
    Ken - Friday, 5 January, 2007 20:45
  • Buying new socks seems bad for the environment when the rst of the sock seems perfectly ok, apart from the bit with the hole in it. And yes, fill flash. This is part of my playing with the flash series.
    Dave - Friday, 5 January, 2007 21:03
  • I say out with the old, in with the new. I've got a friend who has an annual sock buying spree. Makes sense to me.
    Jacqui - Friday, 5 January, 2007 22:48
  • Nice I like the foreground, background play.
    alexandru - Friday, 5 January, 2007 23:26
  • Darn your own darn socks maybe? Heh. :-) Very cool shot. Love the saturated colors.
    Otto K. - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 1:54
  • Dave! We've missed your blog . . . hope you had a nice holiday with the family. What color are the socks? Personally, I'd throw them away. But if you're really concerned for the environment, I have creative ideas for old socks, depending on the color. White socks can be used to make really cute snowmen (I can send you a picture). Black or colored socks for puppets, eyeglass cloths, etc. Not sure if these ideas are up your alley, mate . . . there is always the sewing kit (for you, not Gabba) or the trash bin. Think it over! Hope to see more posts soon!
    Jody - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 4:10
  • Nice photos. Add your site to http://www.photobloggit.com community
    Roby - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 9:21
  • Nice Shot - I rarely remember to consider using flash as fill-light when shooting macros or outdoors, with the results of this shot I won't forget. Is the vignette from the CP Filter or potatoshop? ...and...buy new socks...
    seriocomic - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 12:45
  • you never used to worry about a small hole in your sock when you were younger. You used to wear them til there was no feet left at all. if you have your shoes on who is going to see? thats what you used to say
    Ma - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 14:02
  • Mike, there is some vignette from the CP filter, but I helped it along a little with potatoshop.
    Dave - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 14:14
  • good picture looks like a flower/tree. hey Jody is it a TRASH bin or the Bin ???? I say forse mum to darn your sock!
    Sarah - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 14:23
  • Socks are like stockings on suspenders......buy two pairs the same and just swop over. We could all chip in and buy you a new pair......photo coming for Gabi.....look out for it.
    Michele - Saturday, 6 January, 2007 15:34
  • i would still were them if nobody sees it and they are still comfi.
    m a r i n u s - Monday, 8 January, 2007 4:28
  • Very nice shot Dave. Thoughtful angle. I like how the 2 clouds balance it out.
    sonofwalrus - Monday, 8 January, 2007 15:33
  • I remember the days when one had to darn their socks. In the end it was a darn sock one could barely wear in a shoe because of the constant darning,it was so thick. Today it's a throw away world,so toss the socks and go sock shopping.
    Nova - Monday, 8 January, 2007 16:39

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