I'm so so so so so so so so so sorry

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NIKON D70 - 5 sec, f8 at 18mm

We had a disaster in our house last night. A catastrophe.

I was in my office, playing with my toys, when Gabba called me to tell me I need to come see what's happened. She was in the kitchen looking at my laptop. I picked it up and out poured a gush of liquid which definitely isn't supposed to happen. Then she gave me a note.

Dear Mum and Dad

I'm so so so so so so so so so sorry.

It was an accident.

I didn't mean to.

Love Sarah

PS. I sent myself to my room

PPS. Don't yell at me

Sarah had somehow managed to knock over the better part of a full glass of Bundaberg Ginger Beer into the laptop while it was turned on. It's completely buggered.

You can see the culprit, including the Ginger Beer bottles, in the last photo the laptop managed to capture with it's webcam just before it gasped it's last breath.

Luckily the boss is away and definitely not subscribed to this feed. Which will give me enough time to come to grips with telling him how I'll pay the company back for it's 3 month old laptop.

The Photo

To console myself that once again the damn loin fruit have delayed a lens purchase I sped off tonight in my other car with my camera and did some high speed circuits of The Warehouse parking lot. The camera was in an even more precarious position compared with my effort the other night. So this is the best of the 2 shots I was prepared to risk.

It'd be a fricken disaster if I had to buy a new camera this week as well as a new laptop.

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Posted: Monday, 8 January, 2007 22:17

Captured: 2007:01:08 21:05:19

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  • Doh. If it makes you feel any better, I spilt beer on the right part of my keyboard over Christmas. Most of the keys are okay, but my HOME, PageUP and PIPE key are dead. I can live without HOME and Page, but no PIPE on Linux is like no mouse on windows! -J
    Jason - Monday, 8 January, 2007 23:29
  • Heh, caution to the wind huh? Sorry for your loss BTW. And did you try setting the aperture smaller to something like f/22 so you could have a longer exposure?
    seriocomic - Tuesday, 9 January, 2007 8:10
  • At worst you'll only be up for the excess....thank God you're so laid back.......can we borrow her to hover over a few things that need an update....2 out of 3 laptops, devon market umbrella that's not as waterproof as it used to be, carpet the cat has scratched the sh.t out of, oven, 2 of 3 tv's...the list goes on.
    Michele - Tuesday, 9 January, 2007 8:16
  • I thought 5 seconds was long enough exposure, given I was about to push the car into that pillar you can just make out in front. Michelle, I'm sure we can come to a financial arrangment for the destruction of your stuff.
    Dave - Tuesday, 9 January, 2007 9:44
  • Yesterday I shifted my laptop when your loin fruit arived at our house and then I got "the glare" when I asked her if she would like a gingerbeer.
    Rik - Tuesday, 9 January, 2007 9:52
  • I am interested in what your boss would say if he was definitely not subscribed ? Is he a real arsehole? ;-)
    anon - Tuesday, 9 January, 2007 15:01
  • I;m interested to see what he's gonna say too ;-)
    Dave - Tuesday, 9 January, 2007 16:26
  • She's a smart little cookie that gorgeous Miss Sarah. How could you go too "nuts" at her when she leaves you a note like that then sends herself to her bedroom?? One of our kids did the same thing a couple of years ago - spilt a glass of orange juice on the keyboard.....yes, the juice with the big orange "bits" in it. Alas, it was curtains for the keyboard : (
    Debbie - Tuesday, 9 January, 2007 23:11
  • Smart kid you have there Dave, wise beyond her years indeed.
    Scott - Wednesday, 10 January, 2007 13:41
  • A friend of mine has a habit of eating over my keyboard much to my distress and my pitiful cries are met with 'oh dumped it in some water and wash it." Yeah right. It's a wonder my keyboard hasn't been drunk on rum and sick on chocolate cake and then there's the Sarsaparilla.
    Nova - Wednesday, 10 January, 2007 18:23
  • I have a lot of trouble with watermelon seeds in my keyboard. Surely they could invent a keyboard that would be impervious to food and liquids
    Ma - Thursday, 11 January, 2007 12:03
  • One really must produce a keyboard to take on board food. My niece left me her computer etc and I'm sure there was an entire 8 course meal in the keyboard. Perhaps my niece had developed a keyboard to handle food and drink.
    Nova - Thursday, 11 January, 2007 16:37
  • It may be a major disaster today, but when she is all grown up and gone, you will look back on it fondly. My girls are grown up and gone, and I would give anything to have them back to wreak havoc all over again. Cheers
    Robert - Saturday, 13 January, 2007 14:52
  • Bummer about the laptop but congrats on a wonderful daughter:).
    sandy - Saturday, 13 January, 2007 15:20
  • I just bought a $300 replacement laptop battery and when it still would recharge took the laptop apart to find the entire circuit board coated in a sticky substance that smells just like Coke... none of my three kids or my wife know anything about it though... must have been the pixies that live in the cupboard.... YEAH RIGHT!
    Albarlousta - Monday, 15 January, 2007 9:25
  • so sad dad i was there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alice - Thursday, 15 January, 2009 12:24

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