Chicken and fat

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NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f4.5 at 50mm

Gabba is home.

I'm not sure if it's a testament to me or to her, but she had the house back into a human habitable state within only about 3 hours. So either she is bloody good or I didn't do a bad job during my week of single parenthood at running the show.

I did get a bit of grief because I didn't polish the kid's shoes on Sunday. As she was polishing away with the good old Kiwi Nugget, she wondered out loud what nugget was made from.

I told her I had no idea. Sarah, who was reading or something and didn't hear the beginning of the conversation, offered her opinion that nugget was made from chicken and fat.

Damn kids always have junk food on their minds. It's odd that even though she thinks one of chicken nugget's primary ingredients is fat, she still snarfs them down.

The Photo

I hate the bloody cat. He's damned lucky he didn't get bricked while the wife was in AU. I would have made it look like an accident. The photo is of me trying to stuff him into the microwave tonight. He doesn't look at all happy about it.

The real motivation was me playing with off camera flash. Our microwave's internal light is broken. So the speedlight is in the microwave pretending.

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Posted: Tuesday, 24 July, 2007 20:21

Captured: 2007:07:24 19:59:04

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  • When I spotted Kiwi Nugget being used by the shoeshine boys in Bolivia recently, I thought I had uncovered a proud NZ success story. However Wikipedia has a fascinating history which unfortunately suggests otherwise. Chalk another one up for the Aussies. Anyhow, this pic is missing some 'lolcat' wit!!!
    Michael G. - Tuesday, 24 July, 2007 23:53
  • just tell yourself that you were just trying to dry the poor thing as it got wet and cold outside..... 20 secs should do it ... on high o'course
    Greg - Thursday, 26 July, 2007 15:02
  • come on, be honest, you really like that cat
    ma - Thursday, 26 July, 2007 17:04
  • Love the cat and I know you really do too,Dave. Well I suppose you could've put the cat in the tumble drier (if you have a drier) or spin dry the cat in the washing machine. That's if the cat was wet.
    Nova - Friday, 27 July, 2007 15:16
  • of course we have a drier and come on you love spark ps spark hates you too !heres a message to spark }{} > }{}> I love you don't worry about dad he loves you too}{} >sarah> there fish
    sarah - Tuesday, 31 July, 2007 19:09
  • a great shot indeed.
    Arash - Monday, 6 August, 2007 9:06

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