Americans Are Wealthier

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NIKON D70 - 1/500 sec, f8 at 135mm

I've noticed that the Levi's I bought while we were in America (for US$26) have much deeper pockets than the Levi's I buy here in NZ (for $80). It's either because Americans have longer arms, or because they have much more money so the pockets need to be deeper so that it doesn't fall out.

Another thing I didn't know. Levi's are made in Pakistan! Both my American jeans and my NZ jeans are both made there. I wonder if they have differnt production lines for different countries. I guess they would have to to make shorter legged jeans for the Chinese. I wonder if Chinese Levi's are made in Pakistan too?

Another photo from our trip to see the rich and famous at Tairua. I'd never really considered it before, but the Coromandel range is a craggy thing.

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Posted: Thursday, 28 April, 2005 19:16

Captured: 2006:04:23 15:20:35

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  • Well, interesting thoughts you have. Way back when Superscope, Sony, and Marantz components rolled out of the same assembly factory. Higher quality components were used as you went from one "make" to the next Marantz being on the top end...Superscope BTW was the parent company. My boss is said to have "deep pockets" but "very short arms" so he can not dig deep and dool out the big green to us. I do not think U.S. folks have more $$ but they do tend to use pockets more, or carry more "stuff" around with them. My brother in law in OZ says NZelanders have the same lenght arms as other people, but because the men have less between the legs, the pants pull up higher so they have shorter pockets to keep their arms from going down to their elbows when they reach inside the pockets. I think there is some rivelry between OZ and NZ - but being a Yank, what the hell do I know.
    Clint - Friday, 29 April, 2005 8:30

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