Why don't you join us?

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NIKON D70 - 1/5 sec, f6.3 at 50mm

Actually, I don't see why you don't join in.

We're into course 4 of a 13 course degustation. Course 4 was Tempura Vegeies with yum yum sauce, accompanied by Alan Scott Sauv. Blanc. Mmmmmmmm

The photo is a shot of my new beer drinking glasses. Shott Crystal and sand blasted. That's almost fucken brand marketing there baby!

Now I'll need to get something at that URL!

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Posted: Saturday, 17 November, 2007 20:15

Captured: 2007:11:17 18:56:23

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  • You spelled Schott & Veges wrong you dork!
    Lynn - Saturday, 17 November, 2007 20:33
  • Get over it you filthy school marm!
    Dave - Saturday, 17 November, 2007 20:34
  • For all you readers out there - the glasses were his bithday gift from us -THE GANG - and Dave was rapt! Plus we framed some of his best photos (plus one from YOU seriocomic)!!
    Mo - Saturday, 17 November, 2007 20:42
  • Thats the filthy school marm refelection in the glass in the photo
    Mo again - Saturday, 17 November, 2007 20:44
  • Excuse me, but 'marm' should read "MS F' to you!
    Lynn - Saturday, 17 November, 2007 20:51

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