I figured out why I hate commuting

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An old iPod music player

iPhone - sec, f2.8 at mm

I'm doing it all fucking wrong, that's why I hate commuting.

I hate commuting real bad. It's such a waste of my life. In fact I hate it so much, that every time I've got a new job we've moved house closer. When I worked in the city, we lived in Epsom, the close part of Epsom. When I worked out at East Tamaki, we moved over to Half Moon Bay.

Then when I got a Job at Netconcepts, we were moving to Nelson, until we didn't and moved to Browns Bay instead. Then the boss moved to the South Island on his own anyway. But that's a rant for another day.

I've always tried to never live more than 10 minutes away from work for fear that the commute will waste too much of my life. So when I finally reached escape velocity and managed to move from Netconcepts to Saatchi's in the city, along with it's 45 minute morning commute, I really thought my life was over.

During my morning commute for the last 20+ years, I've listened to Radio New Zealand Morning Report and Checkpoint on the way home. It regularly makes me so angry I change channel to commercial radio, but as soon as an inane DJ or ads come over the air, I realize what a mistake I've made and go straight back to the soothing tones of Geoff Robinson.

But this morning, for what I think is actually the first time ever, really, I listened to music. A couple of nights ago I bought a $30 cable to plug an iPod or laptop into the car stereo. I fitted it to the car last night, breaking a bit of the dashboard in the process which will now cost a fortune to repair, bloody hell.

This morning's commute, I listened to ELO and had an epiphany, a huge, HUGE epiphany. I was actually disappointed when I got to work. I had a fucking glorious drive to work this morning. There was chair dancing from Tristram to Onewa through half a dozen ELO tracks. Over the Auckland Harbour Bridge was 5 minutes of air guitar to Mr Blue Sky. Through St Marys I was listening to the theme song to Little Big Planet and then on the Port Road, it was Cafe Tecuba, Volver a comenzar (whatever that means).

I walked into the office completely fizzing. I had an unbelievable feeling of happiness and expectation. Completely high on adrenaline. I can't wait to drive home tonight. It'll be music every morning from now on.

Don't bring me down, Bruce, don't bring me dow ow ow ow own.

Who would have thought so much happiness could pour out of a small green box?

The Photo

The iPod I bought for Gabba back in 2004. It feels so huge and clunky now compared to the kid's new Nanos. The photo was taken with an iPhone because I didn't bring my camera.

And I have to prepare for a meeting now, but I'll come back and add in some link to the above tonight so that it all makes sense.

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Posted: Thursday, 28 May, 2009 9:54

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  • Mr. Blue sky is the number one feel good song. There's no way you can listen to it and not smile a little. ELO are awesome.
    mike - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 10:06
  • Hold on...you've got a effing iPhone?!? Also, when you tire of ELO (and it will happen) check out twit.tv and iTunes for some podcasts...you could even learn russian on the way to work.
    Charles - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 10:09
  • Your writing reminded me of a young Bill Shakespeare with words that oscillated like the waves of a ocean..... couldn't agree more, love your style, love your attitude and thanks for brighteming up my day - have a good one
    Peter Driscoll - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 10:15
  • Try singing at the top of your voice... that will get you going. Somehow, when you're driving, it's like you're invisible to other drivers and that your own car shields you away from their curious stares. When you get to a traffic light, suddenly you don't feel as invisible anymore.
    Jacqui - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 10:50
  • You have an iPhone? Bah. What is the world coming to?
    Karen - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 10:54
  • No I don't have an iPhone, it was taken by one of the Gaylords at the office here. yes I was singing at the top of my voice, and I was dancing my arse off too, I had a great time this morning. I arrived at work high on adrenaline!
    Dave - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 11:26
  • and @mike, I defy anyone to listen to ELO and not tap their feet. It's completely impossible.
    Dave - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 11:30
  • I hear ya brother - nice post. My 45 min commute from dirty old Mt Roskill to Browns Bay would have driven me insane if it wasn't for my pumping tunes.. Distant memory now though since my commute for the last 5 years has been about 20 seconds :) You were gonna live in Nelson??
    Charlie - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 12:24
  • Now you just need put headphones on when you get to work ;)
    Tim - Thursday, 28 May, 2009 14:59
  • No focal length recorded in the exif on an iphone? G/
    Glen - Friday, 29 May, 2009 11:15

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