Friday evening Auckland city and a yacht race and no kebab

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Auckland City over the harbour with toetoe in the foreground

Pixel 5 - 159/40000 sec, f1.73 at 219/50mm

A Friday evening photo mission where we arrived in time to see a NZ Air Force Hercules C-130 do a low pass over the harbour (missed that photo) and yacht race turn at the Point Stanley mark right below us and a cat and a piwakawaka and a local take his Ferrari out for a spin. Then the rain arrived so we buggered off.

And then on the way home we were more or less driving past the daughters place and I asked if we should stop in to say hello, but Gabba said nah, so we drove straight on by.

There's a new Kebab place in Milford (the old one has turned into a fried chicken place and isn't nearly as good at making kebab) and Gabba asked if we should have kebab instead of the planned Nachos. and as much as I wanted kebab, I said, nah, lets stick to the plan only to find the plan required us to go to supermarket and buy every single ingredient required to make the nachos. The lady at the checkout counter was very apologetic that she'd made us wait for about 15 seconds, which was a little awkward, us there with our deconstructed nachos in a basket.

The nachos were good.

The Photo

Again my phone took a better photo than my D70 so this is partly edited in the phone and some in Darktable.

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Saturday, 18 June, 2022 17:13

Captured: 2022:06:17 16:40:34

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