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A view of the ngahere from Mt Damper Falls in the middle of bloody nowwhre NZ

Pixel 5 - 4/15625 sec, f1.73 at 219/50mm

Embiggen the image

Some years back, I was picking up some loud speakers I had purchased off a Trade Me seller, an importer, for my new man cave. We got to talking, which is weird for me, I don't talk to people.

Anyways, he took me to the upstairs to see the"good stuff". The speakers were about ~$35k for the pair. Monoblock amps ~$15k x 4 of them. I don't recall the source now.

He asked me what I wanted to listen to. I chose Bryan Ferry, Don't Stop the Dance, as that was the last song I had been listening to in the car on the trip to Otahuhu to get my speakers.

OMFG. Let me tell you, I envy the rich because my life has felt slightly diminished ever since. The sound was something else. Bryan Ferry was right there in the room with us.

The Photo

On a recent trip back from New Plymouth we decided to go see the Mt Damper falls which was a 27km one way side mission, half of which is gravel road and very narrow ending with a very steep ascent up Mt Damper. Then a most pleasant 1km walk to the falls. Except, the viewing platform is perched half way down on the side of the 75m cliff face and I was too chicken to go out on the platform. So I saw about half the Mt Damper falls, mostly the upper half.

The photo is of a view just before the scary bit. It looks better as a 2000+px image, but I need to make some coding changes to make that appear properly on the page.

An aside. My doctor retired in November 2022. Which is probably why I lost the capability to keep taking photos and post them after doing so well through 2022. I can see that now, I guess. Still digging, as they say,

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Wednesday, 10 January, 2024 19:46

Captured: 2023:12:11 11:10:14

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  • When I got my latest pair of speakers, I thought why don't I ask to listen to some of the lot more expensive models. Then I realised that if I did really like them it was just going to make life difficult.
    Ken - Saturday, 3 February, 2024 11:00
  • Heh, yes Ken, it would have :-) I would guess the same problem exists with everything. Also something else I have learned, when buying any technology, do your research, buy what you want and then never ever look again at the prices or the specs for at least 3 years. It will always be disappointing when the next bit of tech is better and cheaper
    Dave - Saturday, 3 February, 2024 11:27

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