My Man Cave, 2022

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An office desk with 6 screens and a desktop computer. on it

Pixel 5 - 9328117/268435456 sec, f1.7 at 219/50mm

When we first went into lockdown and I started to work from home I finally decided it was time to renovate my man cave.

Previously in the middle of winter my man cave was not a great place to be. It is a converted single car garage that had gib on the walls, unpainted, and with no insulation. It was a cold and breezy place to be when it was windy outside. the carpet was just flopped on the floor and there was cable everywhere. A sad depressing place it was. During lockdown I was putting my feet on the laptop charger transformer to keep warm it was that grim.

So during second lockdown I ripped all the gib off the walls, pre-wired and insulated, ordered new speakers and amp, had the gib installed professionally (back when you could actually buy gib or even find someone to install it) and then painted Dulux Basin Reserve dark green. The desk is a 3500mm x 900m lump of laminated macrocarpa from Cypress Sawmill sitting on 2 Ikea drawer unites and 3 Ikea desk legs.

I have 5 monitors and a laptop. 1 monitor is connected to a Raspberry Pi and 2 each for Ubuntu and Windows desktop computers. I think I have enough pixels to look at. The Ubuntu desktop on the left side is detailed on our about us page.

And to solve the cold, a heat pump means I'm good to stay here all winter.

It's all quite an upgrade from the ex-government second hand desk I used to have.

The Photo
Darktable 4 was released overnight, so I wanted a photo to process to give it a whirl.

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Sunday, 3 July, 2022 12:44

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