The Aussies to show the Americans how to do it

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NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f5.6 at 48mm

As Rik would say, "Too many things happen in my life to be a coincidence". Nothing could be more true after yesterdays post. Tonight I was watching 3 Sport when some after match interviews were replayed from the Grand Final of Sunday night. They were bloody hilarious. Read some snippets of them here. The club apologised for the the players of course.

The photo is of some spooky, evil ice hanging off the office in Madison. I was just waiting for it to fall and pierce someone's skull and then for it to melt and for the cops to not know how it was done. The perfect crime. I think if I was gonna murder someone, it would be with a long icicle.

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Posted: Wednesday, 5 October, 2005 19:03

Captured: 2005:01:11 16:53:31

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  • Heh.. stuff happens , and it's better to just let it go.. I've noticed that Kiwi's tend to be so much more relaxed than Americans regarding these kinds of things. Crossing the street is a great example, here if you cross the street the cars aren't going to stop, so you best be careful. In California, if you cross the street, all 18 lanes of traffic come to a grinding halt to allow the pedestrian cross the street... And all 1000 drivers in those cars wait, or else if they hit the squishy pedestrian they could "fine" (ha ha.. punny) themselves in a legal fray with the pedestrian that wasn't being wise. I'm so glad that I've moved to New Zealand, here if you get hurt because you did something stupid, well then you got hurt becuase you did something stupid, it wasn't anyone else's fault but your own. And Rightly So!
    Scott - Wednesday, 5 October, 2005 22:18
  • The perfect crime nice. I love the mind of the creative criminal. Made me think stabbing someone with the ice would leave no fingerprints.
    David Rubado - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 8:52
  • Not only no fingerprints, no murder weapon either.
    Dave - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 8:54
  • HEY DAVID RUBADO! I like how you attach MY last name to your little murder scheme! My mom always thought the perfect way to get rid of her husband (1 out of 4) would have been by putting him through a wood chipper...but then someone did actually do that and got caught. Damn forensics.
    Karen Serville - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 9:32
  • Bloody hell, imagine the mess the wood chipper would make!
    Dave - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 9:41
  • Damn girlfriends. Now you have implicted me in the whole crime. Karen how do you feel about the chief technical officer at your work anyway. Does the beer fridge have an icebox? Don't panic Dave Im just kidding.
    David Rubado - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 12:00
  • I don't fancy having to waterblast the could get electrocuted and it would still leave a lot of debris to compost.....but a Haines Hunter accelerating at great speed would catapult the 'intended' clear of the weapon with a long swim back from the Great Barrier Island and no mess......pity someone invented lie detector's.....I guess fessing up will mean I can never execute this plan.
    Michele - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 12:53
  • Of course, the only way to get electrocuted waterblasting a woodchipper is if you were silly enough to buy an electric one in the first place. I sort of imagined one with a mid sized petrol powered four stroke honda engine @ about 5000 rpm. That'll f*%^ 'em!
    RikiJ - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 14:26

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