I'd love to be able to play the Didgeridoo

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NIKON D70 - 1/250 sec, f11 at 70mm

I wonder if I could get lessons somewhere?

Although I'm guessing playing the didgeridoo would require some kind of physical skill or dexterity, which would mean I'm shit out of luck. I could probably only make farting sounds out of it which no doubt would be construed as culturally insensitive.

As for the photo, no doubt possums have given the Pohutukawa a bit of grief. That's the Pacific Ocean in the background.

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Posted: Thursday, 6 October, 2005 19:20

Captured: 2006:04:23 15:12:00

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  • This guy does didgeridoo courses in Auckland, call him Matt 09 8203207 or email him morpheusdidge@hotmail.com Good luck with the learning to circular breath!! You have to breath in your nose and out your mouth at the same time...it's harder than spinning your right foot clockwise and then trying to draw a figure six with your right hand at the same time.
    Dinny - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 19:43
  • OK. So I tried the foot and hand thing and did a ratshit job of it. I've shelved my didgeridoo playing plans.
    Dave - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 20:50
  • i f you came over to visit your Mother in Australia you could play the digeridoo here. We had a snake in our garden yesterday about a metre long. Also it is 38 deg c today.
    Ma - Thursday, 6 October, 2005 23:14
  • Mate, I'm starting to think you have a think for Australia! And this, after you kept telling me Aussies and Kiwis didn't get along too well. I see the work of your mom in this, I think.
    Jody - Friday, 7 October, 2005 9:11
  • there's a dude that plays a didgeridoo at the sunday morning market in takapuna...perhaps you could just hang out with him all day and get some tips. he's busking...but last week some lady gave him a postcard. he didn't seem to impressed with her contribution but she said it was reusable...whatevah.
    Karen Serville - Friday, 7 October, 2005 12:27

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