There is always shoes at an accident

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NIKON D70 - 1/500 sec, f4.5 at 48mm

It's odd, but there is always shoes involved at accidents. When watching TV news footage of a hit and run, they always zoom in on the forlorn single shoe of the victim sitting on the road. It's as if they were hit so hard, that the person was lifted right out of their shoes. Which of course is exactly what did happen. I wonder what happens to those shoes though later? Who picks them up and what do they do to them?

I saw some footage on TV of a guy that had had a nose to tail on the motorway (freeway) and when he got out of his car to inspect the damage, he was hit by another car. He was propped up on the median barrier leaking blood everywhere, and his shoes were still under the car that hit him.

On Monday, there was a particularly graphic shot in the paper of that couple that got murdered in Tauranga over the weekend. I was fixated by his shoes. Perhaps only because that was the bit closest to the camera and the rest of him didn't bear thinking about (his injuries apparently mean they are going use his finger prints to identify him).

I guess that the old saying make sure your undies are clean because you might get hit by a bus is wrong. Perhaps you should have good shoes instead because thats what everyone is going to see when you get hit by the bus.

Kind of makes you wonder what happened to the people that own the shoes that are always washing up on the beach, doesn't it? What did they get hit by? Or perhaps those are the shoes that get picked up when people get hit by a bus. They get thrown in the ocean.

On a lighter note, this is the funniest thing on the Internet at the moment - Scott Adam's Blog. Subscribed!

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Posted: Wednesday, 2 November, 2005 20:50

Captured: 2005:11:02 16:50:46

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  • Shoes from car accidents will be used as evidence -where they land will help determine the force, angles, speed etc etc (Don't you watch US tv shows??). So is your office window view more interesting these days?
    Dinny - Wednesday, 2 November, 2005 21:02
  • No, the view out the office is less interesting. It's either not open yet or the door is somewhere else because no one comes or goes.
    Dave - Wednesday, 2 November, 2005 21:07
  • it was way more interesting when the postal service was there. Like living on the edge...knowing that any second some crazy postal worker with a machete or a sawn-off shotgun may go postal! (how many times did i use the word 'postal' [look i did it again!] in that paragraph)
    darren - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 8:05
  • Some sound advice from this all would be to take your shoes off before crossing the road. You either will never be hit by a car, or if you do, the news crew will find it a hell of a job trying to find your shoes for that sympathetic shot.
    Daniel - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 8:24
  • Sage advice Daniel. Perhaps it's always the shoe's fault.
    Dave - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 8:26
  • If one is ejected from one's shoes then I think that is the least of your be ejected from one's knickers doesn't bare thinking about.....and to be identified from one's knickers or where they landed is too horrific for words.....Gabby might like some La Perla for her next birthday!
    Michele - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 9:12
  • You're right about the shoe.. a woman got killed by a car on Ponsonby Rd a few weeks ago, I was up there just after, and all that was left on the raod was one shoe...
    Mo - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 9:18
  • What the hell is La Perla?
    Dave - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 9:18
  • Nevermind, I just googled La Perla
    Dave - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 9:20
  • I think La Perla should be compulsory for all womenfolk.
    RikiJ - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 10:13
  • Happy Wedding anniversary Riki J!!
    Mo - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 12:23
  • Hell yes, happy anniversary
    Plunger - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 15:52
  • Thanks guys. 10 years, and traditionally that means aluminium or tin. So it's Heinies from a can tonight for a change.
    RikiJ - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 16:12
  • i always thought the shoes hang from the power wires were from accidents kind of like a memorial
    Ma - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 16:29
  • A memorial for tinnie houses. Curiously, our local tinnie house was open for business when the falcon parked outside had it's window down.
    Detective Fothers - Thursday, 3 November, 2005 16:42
  • When the car hits the pedestrian the shoe or shoes is left behind as a marker for the point of impact. if one shoe managed to remain upon the foot of the pedestrian then the shoe would would leave the accident
    Science wiz - Monday, 12 January, 2009 9:55

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