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NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f5.6 at 50mm

Gabba found this good sized Weta on the wall at home. Cara reckened it looked cute, Gabba reckons she really likes them. I just think they are fugly, and anything that fugly shouldn't be allowed to live.

30 minutes later I walked outside and saw a bird fly down and pluck the little bugger off the wall. The bird smashed the Weta on the ground a couple of times (Yay for the bird!) and then crunched it up and swallowed it. weta's a re ugly, but they sound much, much worse when they are being crunched up while they are eaten.

I told Gabba when she got home the Weta had meet a deserved demise. She asked me why the hell I didn't stop the bird. I asked her how you stop a bird from eating a Weta. There is of course no answer to that.

It was sodding difficult to get a good photo of a weta close up. I can see I need a macro lens now. I wonder how much they cost?

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Posted: Thursday, 10 February, 2005 16:39

Captured: 2005:02:09 14:09:46

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  • What do you mean you wonder how much they cost? I'm sure you looked, mate, so if you want to buy one, order it and I'll get Nigel to bring it back, hehe!
    Jody - Friday, 11 February, 2005 11:10
  • Cara "reckoned" it looked cute. I'm surprised she didn't scream and run into the house, up the stairs, and into her bed and hide under the covers.
    Cheryl - Saturday, 12 February, 2005 8:34
  • yeah right - good size so Dave thinks. Next time put you hand next to it so we can see instead of zooming in with your toy. We are going to go and play with your light since you haven't replied to our email. Bye for now
    Martin - Saturday, 12 February, 2005 21:07
  • Yes playing with your light could be entertaining. How about the oven or better still the fridge and we can see your stash of Heinies
    Martin - Saturday, 12 February, 2005 21:12
  • Thanks for that mom! I usually resemble that remark, but hadn't been privy to the little bugger since I've been here. So now I can run and hide under the covers when I see another one.
    Cara - Tuesday, 15 February, 2005 13:07
  • That u with the wolly hat...? So whats wrong with a weta? :-)
    Anne - Saturday, 16 August, 2008 13:20

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