The only thing keeping the old biddy next door, next door

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NIKON D70 - 1/250 sec, f2.8 at 50mm

Not that I'm kept up awake at night that she might go completely mad and come over and do us some damage. But it's good to know that there is a fence of some kind between us.

I think she is involved in some kind of sickness beneficiary fraud or old age pensioner fraud anyway. I see her walking down to her letter box behind her zimmer frame. And she regularly walks to the street corner (all of 2 houses) behind it too. But I also see her walking around her back garden watering the plants with out it. She looks upright and strong to me. Everytime her elderly daughter is around, the old biddy sits while the daughter weeds the garden. Daughter leaves, old biddy starts doing her own thing again. Never trust the elderly I say. They are old and wise and dodgy buggers.

Bloody Gabriel just told me she forgives me for last night. SHE FORGIVES ME? It was her that locked me out. I hate it when they do the forgiveness thing first. There is no come back and forever more it's recorded in our marital Hansard as a win for her. Godammit.

I had more to write, but it's 30 degrees C in the office again.

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Posted: Tuesday, 17 January, 2006 18:26

Captured: 2006:01:17 17:46:42

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  • Yep, the "Forgive" word is tough in a marriage, isn't it? Brad and I avoid it like the plague . . .
    Jody - Wednesday, 18 January, 2006 4:11
  • I say you put it to the test and trip her. If she gets up and starts hurling a volley of abuse at you, then you know. If she stays down in a crumpled heap, well at least you can feel comforted to know that there was in fact one less elderly fraudster in the neighborhood.
    Daniel - Wednesday, 18 January, 2006 9:05
  • It's never the girl's fault. ;x Nice picture by the way, I like the little piece of rusted metal holding the fence together. It immediately holds my eye.
    dean - Wednesday, 18 January, 2006 13:17

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