It's still not worth taking the bus

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NIKON D70 - 1/200 sec, f4.5 at 18mm

Rather depressingly the price of petrol has not receeded yet. And with everyone saying that it'll be 2 dollars a litre before christmas, I'm even considering walking to work or God forbid, trying to live with only one car.

Gabba suggested the giblets could take the bus to school and home again. But I've figured it out and it'll cost 50% more what it's currently costing us to take them in the car. Our kids have only got small arses. You could fit them both in a single seat. Yet it costs $30 to get them both to school and home again for a week on the bus. They can have all the room they like in the car, with the stereo on to what ever they like, the air con on and the windows open (to be really extravagant) and it costs only $21 a week in the car. And thats even counting the fact the car has to make twice as many trips as the bus.

I present this photo a little self consciously as I have incredibly (unbelievably) made the finals of the 2006 Photobloggies. I have no idea why given the photography of the other people on the list. Thanks to those people that nominated the site! Right, I'm off for a celebratory beer.

I don't know why there is a door in this hedge, much less what was on the other side.

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Posted: Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 17:40

Captured: 2006:04:01 18:00:39

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  • Woohoo - congrats! - It must have been those 172 submissions I made...
    seriocomic - Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 18:39
  • Ha. Thanks. For every one of them ;-)
    Dave - Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 18:42
  • congrats I always knew you were wonderful
    Ma (not at all biased) - Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 20:34
  • awesome work! you made it on there cos this is an excellent photoblog!
    Darren - Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 21:03
  • Thanks mate!
    Dave - Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 21:05
  • There's a dead body behind the door in the hedge, of course, mate! And congrats to you on making the finals. (We certainly voted for you!) Your photography skills, and sometimes more importantly, your willingness to blog about your successes and failures, makes your blog a great daily read for me. Keep up the great work! On another note, I drive my kids to school each day as well . . . they hate the bus! Say "Hi" to Gabba and the girls . . . we miss them!
    Jody - Thursday, 11 May, 2006 1:58
  • The world's your's not what's behind the's what you would like to be behind the door....what a brilliant photo.....great dinner conversation over port and stilton!........your photo's are always wicked and thought-provoking, they make my morning.....put the moet on ice...
    Michele - Thursday, 11 May, 2006 9:42
  • I've just been checking out the other contenders.....three others are not on the pace and the other .one was too commercial....too Anne Geddes-ey.....but if you've got a minute go to the B & W section and check out most amazing nature snaps....obviously a full timer but really cool.
    Michele - Thursday, 11 May, 2006 16:36
  • I agree with you on I check out his website at least once a week to see what he's up to. He makes great photo's.
    Dave - Thursday, 11 May, 2006 17:30

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