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NIKON D70 - 1/320 sec, f3.5 at 18mm

I tried out the Gillette M3Power razor this morning. It's the razor with the battery inside that makes it vibrate in a rather useful kind of fashion. I'm undecided if it's really the best a man can get.

For a start, it's a noisy little bugger. It also, rather obviously, vibrates. Both of these traits mask out 2 of the more important factors when shaving. First, I like to "hear" the stubble being cut. It means that I'm on the right track. Second, I like to "feel" the stubble being cut. It also means I'm on the right track.

Shaving is already a shitty job. I can't really decide if I should put the effort into learning to use this new tool because it shaves better. Or alternatively, I toss it in the trash and label it as an evil marketing ploy rather than a real step forward in shaving technology.

Looks like clouds are "in" today. These cirrus clouds were hanging around for a little while yesterday while we basked in the late afternoon sunshine on our deck.

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Posted: Monday, 8 May, 2006 19:55

Captured: 2005:05:07 16:48:48

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  • At what stage do the supermarkets have to drop a product (that we probably actually need) off the shelf so they can make room the latest money making crap? Its definately a evil marketing ploy. Razors shouldnt vibrate, just like toothbrushes dont need computers.
    Daniel - Monday, 8 May, 2006 20:47
  • Supermarkets don't drop products. That's why they get bigger every year and why the trolleys also grow. It's so we can keep bringing their shit home with us!
    Dave - Monday, 8 May, 2006 20:49
  • Interesting, as I was having this discussion on these new fandagled devices yesterday after ignoring them at the supermarket, dismissing them as a marketing ploy. The person I talked to said it was the closest and smoothest shave he had had...I look forward to your verdict.
    seriocomic - Monday, 8 May, 2006 21:31
  • You fail to mention the razor was in fact free, a promo giveaway. I'm undecided too, but as I'm too lazy to shave anyway (hence the beard), anything free to shave the remaining 20% is fine by me.
    Rik - Tuesday, 9 May, 2006 8:07
  • If all else fails....sit on it!
    Michele - Tuesday, 9 May, 2006 9:22
  • I don't much care for over-hyped shaving products but I do love this photo. Beautiful and simple.
    Jonathan - Tuesday, 9 May, 2006 13:13
  • Very amusing comments today, made me laugh!! Beautiful sky shot.
    micki - Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 4:56
  • Love the texture of the clouds. Really great image
    chiara - Wednesday, 10 May, 2006 8:25

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