Is it possible to not poop for 3 weeks?

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NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f8 at 70mm

Beside nearly every toilet in America is a plunger. That suggests to me that it must be simple to block up the toilet here.

God only knows why America has a toilet design that is so prone to blockage. Perhaps the people that make the plungers also make the toilets. In that case it' makes perfect sense. For every toilet sold there is a plunger accessory to match.

I now have a morbid fear of blocking up the toilet and flooding the entire house. Yuck. That would be not a good experience I'm betting.

So my question is, would anything bad happen to me if I didn't poop until I got home? Can I last another 2 weeks? Will there be any lasting damage? Would I break a world record if I didn't poop for 3 weeks? Or would I break a foo foo valve?

The Photo

At the end of Door County, right up by the car ferry, is my favorite piece of sealed road in the whole world. It's about 2 kms long. It starts with a straight piece of road that has about 8 yumps. It then moves to a bit of road that has totally pointless curves but of such a beautiful radius. On both sides is trees. Down the center, double yellow lines that make it feel real dirty when you clip the apexes and have the lines clearly on the wrong side of the car. Somewhere in America there is a guy, that designed those 2km, that words cannot express how much I love him.

Oh yeah, and if I had a ladder, it'd be easier to show you how good that road is. This'll have to do.

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Posted: Tuesday, 17 October, 2006 14:46

Captured: 2006:10:15 12:47:24

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  • if your face goes puffy we will know what has happened great pic
    Ma - Tuesday, 17 October, 2006 15:12
  • Awesome picture! The road really does look like fun.
    Tim - Tuesday, 17 October, 2006 16:24
  • All I can say is, "OUCH!!"
    Jody - Wednesday, 18 October, 2006 6:07
  • In a word, yes. Your lower intestine is stinky and loaded with danger... You don't want that hang'n round. 'm surprised that the average American porcelain throne does not accommodate for at least the average sized American, let alone Texan. But I just looked at my own shrine Dave and it's an "American Standard" toilet. I have to confess, even though I've had some close calls, it will accommodate a handsome girth sized stink pop. I felt compelled to research my brand of toilet. What you need is a unit that you can walk away from and not have to look back after you flush. The Champion (, is as the name implies. It can take 29 Golf balls in one sitting. Truly excellent!
    Daniel - Wednesday, 18 October, 2006 6:58
  • You don't want to find yourself in the belly of a plane when your intestines decide they can't take the pressure anymore. That's really the last place you want to have an emergency poo situation...but then again, you won't have to worry about an overflow. :-) Happy Poo.
    Karen - Wednesday, 18 October, 2006 7:17
  • wow cool picture Dad the leaves are COOL ;never get them in New Zealand :*
    the geeks AKA Sarah $ Alice - Wednesday, 18 October, 2006 13:12

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