I've been 2 weeks without Marmite

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NIKON D70 - 1/160 sec, f8 at 62mm

I'm starting to dream about toast and marmite. I so miss that black gold.

Welcome back from the wilderness Seriocomic.

The Photo

The breakwater marker out of focus behind some sort of foliage at the end of Door County. You can see the breakwater here, but not the foliage.

Post Meta

Posted: Friday, 20 October, 2006 14:42

Captured: 2006:10:15 12:12:49

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  • Well - your site still works in IE7 dave ;) (Had to break the mold and try the new Vista out) Marmite eh... Just don't start thinking about Pineapple lumps.. You'll really start to dream.
    mike - Friday, 20 October, 2006 14:54

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