If you could change one thing in the world

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NIKON D70 - 743/10 sec, f10 at 18mm

If you could change one thing in the world, one thing that'd make the world a better place, what would it be?

Me, I'd vaporize all cockroaches. They are the most vile, repulsive, disgusting, ugly and repugnant creatures of all. I would have linked to something but even looking at the Wikipedia page about cockroaches made me throw up a little in my mouth.

I hate those belly crawling bastards. It's not good enough to just spray them with insecticide in our house. First we spray them and hope they die a horrible death. Then they must be smashed with something very hard until they are an unrecognizable paste. And then they must be flushed.

I really think the world would be a much happier place without them. Filthy bastards.

The Photo

Full moon tonight and high tide at 9:18pm. I'm much happier at the beach in the dark on an outgoing tide. I know I'm not going to get trapped on some rock somewhere.

Another trip down to Long Bay tonight, playing with long exposures.

Hello Estonia!

A special shout out to visitors from the Republic of Estonia. I've noticed a number of people regularly visiting the website from Estonia, so hello to you!

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Posted: Tuesday, 5 December, 2006 22:35

Captured: 2006:12:05 21:01:46

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  • Mix water and dishwashing detergent - place in trigger squeeze bottle and squirt on cockroach, watch cockroach die within seconds - well it works here in Thailand
    Paul - Tuesday, 5 December, 2006 23:27
  • Maaate - you don't know cockroaches until you hear them at night tip tapping along lino in the kitchen while you are trying to get to sleep. Although, my dad always said not to worry about them because they were food for the spiders!
    Jacqui - Tuesday, 5 December, 2006 23:38
  • Makes you wonder whats in detergent doesn't it.
    Marise - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 6:12
  • Amazing shot, its easy to make this just one of many that have been taken in situations such as this, but this is very tasteful, very well done and very original... Great work!
    Justin - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 6:51
  • Cool photo! Makes me imagine you're in a plane flying over some airey spooky islands in the middle of nowhere.......hmmm, quite imaginative for 7 in the morning! Must go - gotta meet your wife and those "hot mums" for coffee! : )
    Debbie - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 7:06
  • In Gisborne they crawl onto you face and drink your saliva while you sleep...... cue twilight zone music... true story
    Tim - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 7:18
  • Gisborne (native) cocky's found extensively in the EC Bays and frequestly in your Herald are harmless and should be disposed of with grace....flush them down the loo and send them back to the oxidation ponds for them to deal with....it's more of a challenge to deal with a weta.....but remember the Karma....you don't want to be beaten to death at some stage in the future?
    Michele - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 8:00
  • on second thoughts....they would make a very nutricious omlete....pity that did not take off before all the periwinkles had been raped from our foreshore.
    Michele - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 8:07
  • when we lived in Gisborne we had a cockroach crawl out of an open fire and crawl across the floor. They used to get into electronic gear and make it start running in the middle of the night. If you squash them their eggs are left behind and will hatch. they are hard to flush down the toilet as they quite often live under the rim. Here in Australia we have green frogs living under the rim and they poke their heads out and look at you when you sit down.
    Ma - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 11:55
  • My son inlaw's flat was invaded with cockroachs. In came the exterminators. Cockroaches got there revenge a few weeks late,well two did by crawling in to he's ear. Mad race to the Hospital to have the beasties removed.
    Nova - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 17:38
  • Bloody hell Nova, that story takes the prize. I shuddered when I read it, I can so imagine it too. The last house we lived in was infested. the little buggers where having babies in Alice's bed when she was a baby because it was nice and warm. Flith bastards. They have got to go.
    Dave - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 18:00
  • Yikes.. reminds me of The Wrath of Khan, big ole nasty bugs crawling into his ear... Nasty stuff.. Only thing nastier is probably Human Bot Fly larva http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_bot_fly ..
    Scott - Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 23:31
  • shit, i'm suddenly very thankful to be living in wisconsin!
    bon bon - Thursday, 7 December, 2006 3:18
  • Dave....article on cockies in this am's Herald just for you....canvas section I think!
    Michele - Saturday, 9 December, 2006 9:08
  • yah know, i've actually never seen an actual live cockaroach... (knocks on wood three times) I'll take your word and everyone elses that they're vile.
    dean - Monday, 11 December, 2006 8:15
  • Getting away from cockroaches,I must say the above photo is a cracker. It reminds me of prehistoric monsters about to emerge from the sea. Totally beautiful.
    Nova - Monday, 11 December, 2006 14:19
  • Thank God someone else finally commented on the cool photo............and not the dreaded cockroaches! I couldn't possibly compete with some of those stories!
    Debbie - Monday, 11 December, 2006 16:57
  • Even though we have some big cockies here in Australia, I think the worst I've ever seen those things was on a vacation at the Outer Banks in NC. Those things were so big that I had to tie down the surfboard! :-)
    kim - Wednesday, 13 December, 2006 10:09
  • Talking about cockroaches. I thought I had an turtle crawling up the lounge wall,last night but no,it was the dreaded cockroach! I scrambled for fly spray and then I got on the idea to hit it with a large mallet that one keeps in the lounge for decoration. One dead cockroach and almost a lounge wall demolished. Oh well,I always wanted to have out door living
    Nova - Sunday, 17 December, 2006 17:23

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