I need someone to protect me from the spooks

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NIKON D70 - 1/250 sec, f4.5 at 18mm

Tonight I was back out in the dark spooky night taking photos. This time in the Okura Bush*. But I only walked into the bush for about 5 minutes, convincing myself the location was perfect right there. I forced myself to stick it out for 30 (excruciating) minutes. Unfortunately all the shots will be discarded, every one crap. But I learned a bunch so the next trip tomorrow night will be more productive.

Of course there will only be another night if I can find someone to come with me to keep the spooks at bay. I've decided being out in the bush on my own in the dark is a very bad idea. The bloody moreporks sound like they want my blood. It's funny how they sound friendly when I'm in bed and downright threatening when I'm on their turf. Bastards. I even have support from Hannah that Smiths Bush is one scary place at night. See her comment there.

Over the weekend I found the website of Dave Black. I had been looking for a new challenge for my photography, (we're all sick of the long exposure water shots)and "flash" is the new black, so to speak. There is some good teachings on that site about Flash photography.

So come with me, dear readers, while I embark on a new mission of learning how to properly use my speedlight without it ever once touching the camera. Of course it'll mean going back to some crap photos, like the one above where I even managed to get myself in the photo. But I'm pretty sure we'll all learn something even if it's only that I'm completely talentless with the flash as well as the camera ;-)

The Photo

It's a dead tree I flashed until the batteries were dead while I tried a few things. Yeah it's shite. I'll get better, I promise. Perhaps it'd be better if you came back in 3 weeks when I have improved.

Posted accompanied with a Laphroaig (of course) while listening to Alan Parsons Project, The Eagle Will Rise Again and 3 or 4 songs by Al Stewart. Music like that isn't made these days!

*Bloody DOC have recently changed their website and in doing so changed all their URLs. For Gavin's Sake you fricken bozos, you've just rendered all the links you ever earned broken. Do you know fucken nothing (that's the scotch talking) about how the Internet works? This is only made worse by the fact Al Morrison is the Director General of DOC, whom I had great respect for when he was the Political Editor at Radio NZ. Ironically he was interviewed on Nine to Noon today. Al, your web team needs a kick in the arse.

Look at all the bloody links in this post. You'll be reading it for the next 2 hours! I'll probably be fixing the typos for days ;-)

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Monday, 18 December, 2006 22:30

Captured: 2006:12:16 20:33:01

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  • Dave Black....first class.....but still loyal to the local boy made good.
    Michele - Tuesday, 19 December, 2006 7:46
  • I like the photo. Looks as though the tree is about to come to life never mind the moreporks. The tree might have got you.
    Nova - Wednesday, 20 December, 2006 17:59

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