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Rangitoto Island in the distance over the sea with a jetty swim ladder in the foreground

NIKON D70 - 20 sec, f22 at 18mm

Having built my own website, I've spent my spare time over the last month or so adding all the things that are not obvious but supposed to be here. OG tags, canonical link, jsonld and semantic markup(got a long way to go there).

I'm slightly embarrassed to realise only yesterday that the images in my photoblog haven't had an alt text attribute at all, ever. I've just coded that up and this image form nothing much more than a test that my admin form works and it appears correctly on the page.

I'm really not looking forward to going back over 422 photos to add alt text, but it will be done.

The Photo
The courier delivered me a 10 stop neutral density filter yesterday. So this post is also the first attempt at a photo with it on the lens. While I was down at Murrays Bay taking this photo I had an idea for another photo, but it'll have to wait until high tide this arvo.

Map of the photo location
Post Meta

Posted: Friday, 27 May, 2022 12:51

Captured: 2022:05:27 11:36:40

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  • Arse. The bloody horizon isn't level even though I can see me levelling the horizon in the Darktable history. Bugger
    Dave - Friday, 27 May, 2022 12:54

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