Music sounds better with the volume up some, of course

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A small island that sits in the middle of Mathesons bay

Pixel 5 - 299/1000000 sec, f1.73 at 219/50mm

There is possibly a technical explanation here but there is a point for the volume of music that it starts to really engage with me. The bass starts to have a weight and the sound stage develops enough that I'm there. Right bloody there and not in a live music kind of way, that rant can wait for another martini,

Bryan Ferry is wrapping his arms around me with Don't Stop the Dance. The best way I can describe to Mazzy Star's Fade Into You is that I feel like I'm falling into that song at the right volume. And I don't want the fall to end. Mick Hucknall's Holding Back The Years is really something at the right volume. Gosh it's good And Bohannon by Fat Freddy's needs level 11, it's the only way. Get into my ears!

Of course poor production at that same volume really starts to bugger things. I recall back when I bought my first properly good audio gear how disappointed I was in the production of some music that up until that time I had really enjoyed.

I think photos have something similar with the size of the photo. The bigger the better. Flickr's Explore page features images that are bigger than 3000 px across. Bloody huge and awesome. Just look at the detail in this image. Or this..

Last night while I was hunting a solution to block bots from this website, I came across this photographer. Look at that photo of the Elephants at the top of the page. It's bloody perfect in every way. I just want to scoop up into my face, it's so good. Just like the 2 images above. Get into my eyeballs!

The Photo
Another snap form my phone, edited in my phone, up at Mathesons Bay. I look forward to the day when I'm good enough to start publishing some photos in the large. Where there is nowhere for poor production to hide.

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Thursday, 26 May, 2022 18:19

Captured: 2021:03:24 13:20:04

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