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A woman standing on the Springvale suspension bridge

Pixel - 1161/1000000 sec, f2 at 467/100mm

If you have been following along, for all these years, you will, of course, remember a post I made back in 2009 about my Nana's diaries and how I wanted to protect my own contributions to the world that maybe a future generation might be interested enough to at least skim a few days here and there.

While I had put some effort into that mission back then, I made a giant leap forward over the weekend to start to drag some of my stuff into the one place properly this time.

Behold what I did on Christmas day, 2012.

The start of our 20th wedding anniversary holiday

My 50th birthday.

Gabba's birthday in 2012 where we went to Civic Video, apparently.

So far I've got Twitter and LastFM, my blog posts, and my location check ins from Swarm/Foursquare and our closing bank balance for the day. I've got some of that data going back to 1996. Still some work to be done, but this is well onto the way to protecting my stuff and goes some way to fixing the internet is backwards problem for me.

The Photo

It's Gabba on the the Springvale suspension bridge over the Rangitikei River. As a small exercise I tried to recreate the post-processing I had done in my phone on this photo published to Instagram in Darktable. Partially successful I guess.

Here is what else we did on that day other than stand on the Springvale suspension bridge.

Map of the photo location
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