Back at The Tor, Waiake Beach

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The Tor, a small island, at dusk, at low tide looking towards Rangitoto Island in the distance

NIKON D70 - 20 sec, f8 at 18mm

It occurred to me this morning that all I have to do is go into to my back catalogue for photo ideas. So here we are again at the Tor at Waiake Beach. I was last here November 2006.

It is interesting to see how the Tor has changed over the last 16 years. There is a couple of large trees completely missing.

The Photo
Of the 20 odd photos I took tonight, this is the first one I looked at. It may not even be the best from tonight's mission but I'm happy with it given where I'm at with my camera again. It's a 20 second exposure with the 10 stop ND Filter on the lens, taken about 10 minutes before sunset.

Post processing was mostly just fiddling with exposure, including a path around The Tor to brighten it up a bit and then Filmic RGB for some contrast.

Map of the photo location
Post Meta

Posted: Saturday, 4 June, 2022 18:07

Captured: 2022:06:04 17:04:32

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  • Whoop! Great to see your work again! You’ll always be one of the people that set me off on my own photographic journey.
    Lynn - Saturday, 4 June, 2022 21:45
  • Hi Lynn!
    Dave - Sunday, 5 June, 2022 10:22

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