How watertight is a white ducks arse?*

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NIKON D70 - 1/50 sec, f5.6 at 70mm

As my mother always told me, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

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Posted: Tuesday, 17 May, 2005 19:23

Captured: 2005:05:15 16:32:13

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  • I'm with you!
    Rik - Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 8:50
  • Was David Bowie a racist for having a song called "China Girl"?
    Rik - Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 8:56
  • er, yes he was.
    manda - Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 10:31
  • You make a bloody good point there.
    Dave - Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 10:32
  • er, why?
    Rik - Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 10:33
  • Can't see anything racist in here -
    Rik - Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 10:37
  • Haha, a great laugh! You made me think of all the good Monty Python lines. I agree and hope your blog continues to make me laugh and think a bit more about everyday things. Thanks, Dave!
    Jody (again, not anonymous) - Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 13:16
  • rik dude: start with and then google for "fetishising asian women" or similar. bowie's song is an example of this, and his only real recourse would be to protest that of its time it wasn't seen as racist as it is now.
    manda - Thursday, 19 May, 2005 10:22
  • Hells teeth! Thats a bit OTT. I can't be bothered arguing with you Manda, Perhaps we should have a gin and forget about it. I will happily skulk away in to my corner like the henpecked 30 something, vistimised, pathetic, white, NZ male I am.
    Rik - Friday, 20 May, 2005 9:42
  • but at least from your corner you know you've learnt something! ;)
    manda - Sunday, 22 May, 2005 17:26
  • Yes, I learnt that getting the last word in is very important! Bwaaaaaaahahahaha
    Rik - Monday, 30 May, 2005 10:57

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